Coun 510 Treatment Plan Essay

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Existential Therapy Case Study of Angela

A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan

Erica M. Sterling

Liberty University


Existential Therapy is therapy for existence, whereas psychotherapy is therapy for life, a remedy for the problems of living. It is a dynamic type of psychotherapy that can help us to get in touch with these questions and the ultimate concerns that often underlie many of our conflicts, anxieties, and motives.It is concerned with more deeply comprehending and alleviating as much as possible pervasive postmodern symptoms such as excessive anxiety, apathy, alienation, avoidance, shame despair, depression, guilt, anger, life-enhancing ...view middle of the document...

Many individuals do not realize it is not the events that are happening in their current situation but the events that have happened in the past that they can not move past that are reflecting what they do on a daily basis and how they fell about certain things that they have been through in their life. Individuals have to realize that no matter what they go through in life they are responsible for their on decisions and the outcome of those decision not anyone else. Coping and giving closure is the best way to deal with things so they can no longer control your aspect of life.

Presenting Concerns

Angela presents herself as being very confused following the recent activity in her marriage. She feels as if she is conflict with her own feelings and does not know which direction to take in her life. She feels stressed and unworthy of herself. She also reports feeling depressed sometimes because she cannot stop thinking about the things that affected her marriage and unable to move past the events that happened to look forward to the future. Sometimes she feels great anger towards her husband and his actions. She feels nothing in her marriage will change if she stays and her husband will never change his ways. Angela is afraid her husband will not do right by her and he will not be the man he needs to be for her. She considers that most of her issues in her marriage are because of lack of communication between her and her husband, trust issues, and bad choices. Angela recognizes that she has great difficulty in communicating with her husband and she has trust issues because of things that have happened throughout her life and that she recently became aware of this. She reports that she compares her husband to her father and that has caused some issues in her marriage.
Throughout the interview Angela revealed that she was raped by three men from the age of six to fifth teen(a family friend and two family members). She grew up confused about her life and wondered why this had happened to her but most of all confused about who she really was inside.

Case Conceptualization

It seems that while she was growing up, Angela did not have the opportunity to really enjoy her childhood because of the tragic events that had happened to her and also because she had to take care of her younger siblings while her parents worked. It appears that she also lacks a sense of significances and purpose in her life. Because of the these events that cause Angela so much pain and anxiety, she must of felt a great deal of pain growing up not having anyone to talk and share her feelings with. She kept most of her feelings bottled up inside and was scared to let anyone know what happened to her because of her fear of judgement and self worthless. Angela seems to stuck in one place right now, but her sadness and distress are of potential within herself. Her biologically father abandoned her before she was born and she felt very isolated from him because of the...

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