Councelling Diploma Module 1 1. Select Two Of The Areas For Which Counselling Can Be Accessed As Discussed In This Module. 2. Outline Your Thoughts On How The Person Might Be Feeling About Their First Counselling

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Module 1 Assignment
1. Select two of the areas for which counselling can be accessed as discussed in this module.
2. Outline your thoughts on how the person might be feeling about their first counselling session and why.
3. Describe how you, as their counsellor, can make them feel more at ease.
4. Explain the actions you should not take in your role as a counsellor.
Write an account, 1000 words, to address the required points.

People might access counselling in a hospital: those Counsellors/Psychotherapists working in hospitals usually see patients with more severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder ...view middle of the document...

People deal with stress and their emotional problems in different ways but they can get harder to deal with and without anyone to help it sometimes falls to an independent professional to help. If they have been embarrassed to speak to someone before they may be feeling as though the counsellor will judge their issues as trivial and that their problem is not worth bothering anyone else with. They may already have been worried about not wanting to speak to a counsellor in case they are wasting the counsellors’ time.
People might also feel apprehensive if they are unsure what to expect and so assume the common myths such “they will be interrogated”, or “Counselling changes you”, “You just sit there and talk”. Myths can be unsettling and peoples’ imaginations take over.
If the person suffers from an anxiety disorder going to a new situation even though it is for the best, would probably make them more anxious. The counsellor can offer support, guidance and clarification, creating a supporting relationship which helps the client understand, feel relaxed and confident, able to open-up in session and reach their goals.
Once attending the first session someone might feel a pressure to say the right thing, though there is no right or wrong answer. If you are in there and still apprehensive of talking about yourself and your problems you may feel as though you need to say what you think the counsellor is expecting just to make the session move along.
People might feel guilty and not want to talk about their issues for fear of admitting their problems to themselves or to anyone else.
What is important in these cases is that if people are experiencing apprehension is to make sure they are informed as much as possible as to what to expect thus removing the fear factor. By either talking to or sending a letter the client can get information direct from the “horses’ mouth” which should alleviate any fears prior to the first visit. I would keep them informed of their progress and of their needs as regards to future sessions. Also the client should know that they have the right and power to cancel the therapy or change the counsellor if they, themselves believe this is not working.
Whilst attending the visit it is important to make the client comfortable, allow them to proceed at their own pace and not go too...

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