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[3]__TM C___ TF 1-87
FT IRWIN (MK865048), CA
[4] 291400T December 2012



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On order, defend in sector. The TF Commander intends to attack, east in sector, destroying all enemy forces. We are responsible for any bleed through of platoon or larger sized elements. Be prepared to defend in sector.

c. [17] Environment
(1) Terrain. See Annex C (overlay)

(2) [18] Weather Overcast with lows in the 50’s and daytime highs around 80.

(3) [19] Civil Considerations. None.

d. Attachments and detachments. See task organization.

2. [20] MISSION. Company Team C moves east along AXIS SAM, at 170230T October 20XX, behind TMs A & B as the TF Reserve. On order, assume the main attack for either forward team.

3. [21] EXECUTION.

Intent: I intend to provide rear security to the TF throughout our attack on OBJ PINE. As the TF secures our OBJ, we will assume a rear security mission, awaiting orders to move forward. Be prepared to assume the main attack for either of the forward teams.

a. Concept of operations. See Annex C (Operations Overlay). TM C deploys from AA TIGER. This operation will be conducted in three phases.

(1) [22] Maneuver.

(a) Phase I. We will deploy from AA TIGER at 170230 October 20XX.

(b) Phase II - We will follow behind TMs A & B as they conduct forward passage of lines with TF 1-5 at passage points (PP) BLUE (NK071001) and RED (NJ087993), at 170300T October 20XX. Follow along axis of advance (AA) SAM to OBJ PEACH.

(c) Phase III - On order, we will assume the 6 - 12 o’clock positions in OBJ PINE.

(2) Fires.

(a) General support (GS) fires to platoon in contact.

(b) OBJ will be prepped for 10 minutes prior to any assault.


(3) Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. See Annex L

(4) Intelligence. See Annex B

(5) [23] Engineer. See Annex F

(6) Air and Missile Defense. See Annex G

(7) Information Operations. See Annex P

(8) [24] Nuclear, Biological, Chemical. See Annex J

(9) Military Police Operations. See Annex K

(10) [25] Civil-Military Operations. See Annex Q

b. [26] Tasks to maneuver units.

(1) 1st Platoon.

(a) Phase I - Deploy at 170230T October 20XX, from AA TIGER in a platoon echelon left formation on the left flank of the team.

(b) Phase II - After the passage of lines, maintain your position on the left flank of the team, clearing the area of enemy.

(c) Phase III - On order, secure the 6 - 8 o’clock positions in the...

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