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Counseling Theories Final Project
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Culture can have a major effect on what is defined as normal and abnormal. Behaviors that are considered different from what is considered to be the norm could be deemed as abnormal and unusual. It isn’t common for a culture to immediately label a behavior that is not accustomed to their culture as being abnormal behavior because it is defying the social norms of that culture. However, abnormal behavior cannot and should not be defined based on the social norms of a culture because what is abnormal in one culture may be normal in another (Matsumoto & Juang, 2008). Abnormalities are defined as behaviors based on ...view middle of the document...

Those diagnosed with a mental disorder are viewed as being abnormal and unusual and incapable of being “normal” naturally.
It is important to have an international understanding of how mental disorders are classified because one country may have a different set of criteria for labeling depression in comparison to another based on what they view as abnormal behavior. Through interpersonal communication and socialization, a person can understand the social norms of their culture. Those that do not experience the necessary socialization with their peers have an increased risk of developing social related psychological disorders (Matsumoto & Juang, 2008).
Cultures view psychological disorders differently based on the history of a particular culture. In the Chinese culture it is not frowned upon that someone is diagnosed with a mental disorder for they don’t even discriminate against those with mental disorders that are a part of their army (Liu,, 2012). In India the care of those with schizophrenia is much more adequate for they provide them with their own caregivers, showing they may take the psychological disorder much more seriously (Balaji,, 2012). Here in America, according to APA guidelines educational teachings of those around a schizophrenic patient should be mandatory, in which America is trying to educate those more about psychological illnesses and their severity (Vreeland, 2012). Schizophrenia can actually be more likely to appear in different cultural settings as opposed to another based upon treatment options available, the difference in protocols, etc. (Chalasani, David, & Krishnamurthy, 2011).
Working with a diverse community of cultures is certainly not an easy task to handle. Licensed psychologists that work with a diverse group of people, as well as clients, must be aware of the basics of the various culture that they will work with because it gives a more in depth look of into how they should speak with them, as well as develop the most appropriate treatment plan in reference to clients. It is recommended that professionals in any profession choose to take a serious look at the community they are working in, and be aware of the predominant culture because it would allow them to center their studies on that particular culture in order to understand and relate more to their clients (Matsumoto & Juang, 2008).
Psychological disorders are mental disorders in which there is a pattern of specific psychological symptoms or behaviors that negatively impact various parts of individual’s life, while possibly also causing mental and/or physical distress to the one experiencing the symptoms (Nolen-Hoeksema, 2011). Psychological disorders can be natural or developed over time based on a person’s history. Humans do not develop properly without the right type of human interaction, involving socialization. Abnormal behaviors are a key component of labeling a group of specific symptoms as abnormal behavior (Matsumoto...

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