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Counterproductive Workplace Competition Problem Analysis Summary

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AbstractFinding solutions to counterproductive workplace issues can be difficult when not recognized early and closely monitored. This activity is competition in the workplace. Team B will briefly describe the background of competition and expose the common events that trigger the problem. By applying critical thinking, we can effectively address the issues and solve the dilemma of Counterproductive Workplace Competition (CWC). Drawing on the workplace experience of five professionals from diverse backgrounds, our intent is to offer real-life examples of work-place competition in today's organizations. Our findings are from a team member personal ...view middle of the document...

While competition can be a catalyst for increased performance, some competition unchecked often leads to a CWC environment. Employment is a self-serving arrangement; where workers serve for the purpose of having increased financial liberty. "But workplace competition that starts out friendly can wind up being destructive. "An overly competitive workplace can be toxic and unproductive," (LeClaire, 2003). Problems of unmonitored internal competition are when employees intentionally speaking badly about their co-workers and hoarding of information.Critical Thinking SolutionWe will use critical thinking to gather information, such as meeting with staff, explain how loss productivity affects the company, and asks their opinion of the cause. By defining the problem with a better understanding of the forces causing competition in the workplace, and brainstorm to generate possible solutions. Once these variables have been closely examined then apply the stages of decision-making to accomplish the predetermined outcome.ConclusionOne of the most important skills a manager can have in the workplace is recognizing the causes of problems and also having the ability to use critical thinking to apply solutions. These skills can be obtained through experience and always listening to employee concerns.ReferenceLeClaire, J. (2003). Longmont FYI: Business. Competition gears up. Retrieved September 20, 2004, from

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