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Countries Visited By Rizal Essay

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(Singapore, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris-France, Wilhelmsfeld -Germany, Japan, London, and USA)
Presented to:
Mrs. Nieves Valite
July 3, 2012

Rizal in Singapore
A. He went around the town of Singapore and maid some observations. To visit the said country.
B.Donato Lecha-The ship captain, an affable man.
C. Rizal played chess with his fellow passengers who were much older than he defeated them many times, for he was a good chess player.
D.In Singapore, at 2 p.m., Rizal boarded the boat Djemnah to continue his trip to Spain. He found the boat clean and well kept.

Rizal in Barcelona;
A. To visit the said country.
C. Rizal’s first impression to Barcelona was very ...view middle of the document...

This day he attended a fiesta in Madrid.
D. He wrote the article "Revista de Madrid" which was in intended for publication in the Diarong Tagalog in Manila, but was not published because the newspaper stops its circulation.
Rizal wrote an article entitled "Las Dudas". The article was signed Laong - Laan.

Rizal in Paris, France;
A. To spend his summer and to observe the big French City. Rizal visited the Lariboisiere Hospital where Felix Pardo de Tavera was an extern. Here he observe the examination of the different diseases of women.
B. Felipe Zamora and Cunanan- He spent the whole day walking around and observing the beautiful cities with them.
Dr. Nicaise-The one who showed the technique of operation.
C. He was stunned to see the advanced facilities in the accommodation in the
He found there plants of all species and the rarest and most beautiful birds.
D. Rizal represented to Paz Pardo de Tavera a pair of Greek vases which he painted the other with the picture of the Filipinos engaged in cockfighting, and the other with the same people at work as milkmen and as prisoners at hard labor.

Rizal in Wilhelmsfeld, Germany;
A. He left Heidelberg for Wilhemsfeld to honor invitation extended to him by Reverend Karl Ullmer whom Rizal meet one day in the woods with the Pastor’s wife, daughter Eta and son Freidrich. In Wilhelmsfeld where Pastor Ullmer was staying and working, Rizal was invited to visit the vicarage. Later, on Rizal’s choice, he boarded with the Ullmer family until he left Wilhelmsfeld by last week of June
B. The Ullmer’s Family. The Club Presidents F. Zeferenz and E.Arrnirum. He sent to Prof. Ferdinant Blumentritt a book in arithmetic written in Spanish in Tagalog. This started the communication between the two and also the start of their life long friendship.
C. Rizal wrote few expressive lines dedicated to this beautiful city Heidelberg. He was to start his travel thru the cities along Rhine River.
- On this day he witnessed the fifth centenary celebration of the founding of the University of Heidelberg, which he...

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