Country Notebook Japan Essay

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III. Geographical setting
A. Location- Island in East Asia
B. Climate-Tropical in south to cool temperate in north
C. Topography-mostly rugged and mountainous
IV. Social institutions
A. Family
1. The nuclear family- Close relations with immediate family
2. The extended family- Not so close of a Relationship
3. Dynamics of the family
a. Parental roles
b. Marriage and courtship-
4. Female/male roles (changing or static?)
B. Education
1. The role of education in society
a. Primary education (quality, levels of development, etc.)- High quality, mostly all public
b. Secondary education (quality, levels of development, etc.)- High quality, students tend to start going to ...view middle of the document...

Religion and aesthetics
A. Religion and other belief systems
1. Orthodox doctrines and structures- Not many affiliated with the Orthodox Church
2. Relationship with the people- Not very strong less than 15% of people are religious
3. Which religions are prominent? - Shinto, Buddhism and Japanese Hinduism
4. Membership of each religion- 80% Shinto, 10% Buddhism
5. Any powerful or influential cults?
B. Aesthetics- 85% of Japan
1. Visual arts (fine arts, plastics, graphics, public art, colors, etc.)- Very artistic country, popular art includes (pottery, sculpture, ink painting and calligraphy)
2. Music- 2nd largest music market in the world though very diverse throughout
3. Drama, ballet, and other performing arts- Complex dance and theatre arts
4. Folklore and relevant symbols- Symbols (Mount Fuji, Red Sun, Cherry Blossoms, Chrysanthemum, Crane, Kimono, Origami and Bonsai)
VI. Living conditions
A. Diet and nutrition
1. Meat and vegetable consumption rates- Meat (80.7 grams) Vegetables (277.4 grams)
2. Typical meals- Rice or noodles usually paired with cooked vegetables, fish and/or beef. Sushi has become very popular worldwide.
3. Malnutrition rates- Death rate of 0.8 per 100,000 people
4. Foods available- Japan produces 60% of its food. Seafood caught in nearby waters
B. Housing
1. Types of housing available- Modern and traditional styles. Single-family house and multiunit apartment buildings
2. Do most people own or rent? - Own
3. Do most people live in one-family dwellings or with other families? - One-family dwellings
C. Clothing
1. National dress- Western clothing for day-to-day wear and Japanese clothing (kimonos) for women and also at special events.
2. Types of clothing worn at work- Suits or business attire
D. Recreation, sports, and other leisure activities
1. Types available and in demand- Sumo, martial arts, baseball, soccer, figure skating, golf and auto racing
2. Percentage of income spent on such activities
E. Social security- People residing in Japan aged 20 to 59, volunteer coverage for residents 60-64 and citizens residing abroad 20-64
F. Healthcare- Japan offers universal health insurance which makes the citizen cover 30% of expenses and the government picks up the remaining 70%
VII. Language
A. Official language(s)- Japan is official but Okinawan, Korean, Chinese and English are also spoken
B. Spoken versus written language(s) - Written language uses Chinese characters
C. Dialects- Eastern (Tokyo) & Western (Kyoto)
Cultural Analysis – By John Schnurbusch
I. Introduction
Include short profiles of the company, the product to be exported, and the country with which you wish to trade.
II. Brief discussion of the country’s relevant history
III. Geographical setting
A. Location- Southeast Asia bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand.
B. Climate- Very rainy, Northern regions average 70 degrees and Costal and Delta Regions average 90 degree
C. Topography- Mountainous in...

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