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Course Mba Essay

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MBA and
MBA (Executive)

Web Edition
Updated 28 July 2015

Be true
to you


Join a Global
Learning Community
Create a Successful Future with an MBA Program from RMIT

Explore Your Study Options
This brochure outlines programs offered by the Graduate School of Business and Law at RMIT’s City campus in Melbourne.

Graduate School of Business and Law
The Graduate School of Business and Law
offers business management and law
programs for business and non-business
RMIT MBA programs are offered face-to-face
at the Melbourne City campus, online through
Open Universities Australia, and also at RMIT
Vietnam. RMIT also offers global intensive
study opportunities in ...view middle of the document...

RMIT’s programs are practical, academically
rigorous and educationally focused. RMIT
produces graduates with the knowledge and
ability to lead in ways that benefit customers,
organisations, and the society in which they

The MBA (Executive) offers professionals
with managerial experience an opportunity to
accelerate their career by pursuing a
program of leadership, finance and strategy
courses. The cohort for this program is
encouraged to draw on both their own and
one another’s personal experiences as they
engage with the course materials provided.

RMIT’s MBA is an early career qualification
and offers mentoring and courses designed
to give you the edge as you begin to climb
the corporate ladder.


Business Administration

Business Administration

Fees Explained

Emily McPherson College Building and the Swanston Academic Building at RMIT’s Melbourne City campus.

Classes will normally be held at the Emily McPherson College Building, a magnificently
refurbished heritage property on the corner of Russell and Victoria streets. Classes may also
be held at the award-winning Swanston Academic Building and at other locations on RMIT’s
City campus.
These programs are also offered through Open Universities Australia.

Acknowledgement of Country
The Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation are the
traditional custodians of the land on which this
organisation stands. RMIT pays its respects to
owners and Elders, both past and present.


The MBA gave me a broader
understanding of business,
enabling me to pursue a career
in consulting or finance.
Each class provides a practical
learning experience. Being an
executive member of the Students
in Free Enterprise (SIFE) program
provided me with great insight
into what it takes to manage
an organisation and work with
different clientele. It provided an
opportunity to apply the material
learned in class to a real-life
The MBA Student Association
organises a number of networking
events. These are a great
opportunity for students from
different backgrounds to learn from
each other, socialise and to meet
industry representatives.

Debora Singgih
Master of Business
Administration (MBA)


Business Administration
These programs are suited to recent graduates
with a degree in any discipline but with limited
managerial work experience. You will learn how
to approach and solve real problems in a global
business context.

Learning and Teaching
You will experience a variety of teaching and
learning approaches including lectures, tutorials,
working independently and in teams. Lectures
deliver a comprehensive review of the latest
thinking and world’s best practice, while tutorials
provide opportunities for facilitated discussion.
Factually based case studies are important
components of RMIT’s postgraduate business
administration programs and add further realism
to the learning experience. In addition, you will
have access to online and...

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