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Course Registration System Essay

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Course Registration System
the online registrar
version 0.1
Specifications Document by Emma Boroson

This Course Registration System is a web-based program aimed to make easier and more convenient the class registration process, a hassle through which students go every semester. As it stands, here at Brown University, in order to officially register for classes, each student must fill out a course registration form manually, bring it to the Registrar’s Office at University Hall, stand in line (often for upwards of twenty to thirty minutes), and finally have the form officially approved and stamped. In order to change anything about one’s current schedule, such as dropping ...view middle of the document...

) Course Page Information displayed: - Course number, title - Instructor - Meeting Time - Location - Description - Number of credits

- Number of students already registered - Number of open slots - Waitlist if applicable - Exam Group - Web site of corresponding Critical Review page - Grade Options – see below Next to each of the two grade options will be a checkbox where the student must check one of the two before “adding to cart” - button titled “Add To Cart” – will add given course to list of potential courses (as described earlier) Schedule Visualizer Schedule identical to those currently given at the Registrar’s Office - along side : list of classes and corresponding grade option in “cart” with color coded legend, also with radio buttons – - buttons to “Release” a class (no longer consider it) and to “Change Grade Option” (buttons pressed apply to the course that has been marked with the radio button) - “warnings” section – will display warnings about possible class interference (two classes meet at one time, etc) - large button at bottom – “Register” – this will register the student for all classes in “cart”

Non-Functional Requirements
Performance – course search should be fast, despite many students accessing the database at once Testing – must test the database search -- make sure the schedule visualizer can handle multiple classes for the same time slot -- login/security

Reliability – Make sure still reliable with large number of users! Ease of Use -- make user interaction easy and obvious so that noncomputer-proficient students can use the system Outside Dependencies – connecting to Brown Kerberos system for login - accessing course information, or make dummy database

(taken from Requirements Document with some updates) Basic Features: - search classes offered (similar to current BOCA) - search by: class code instructor time slot department - links to each class's page in Critical Review online (for those classes with reviews) - "Add to cart" button - will add that class to your list of potential classes - add to visual time schedule (like the blank ones they give at the registrar)...

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