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Cpr Essay

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The building of the Canadian Pacific Railway, an immense expensive and challenging project, demonstrates the uniqueness of the Canadian way of life. The railroad played an essential role in connecting such a vast land as Canada. It brought together various cultures, connected the dispersed population, and protected Canada's unique political system.The CPR was a great contributor to Canada's multiculturalism. With the construction of the CPR, Canada did not have enough workers to complete the job; therefore, people from other countries came to help. Many Americans looking for work came to Canada to work on the CPR, as well as many people from the European countries. At one point during the ...view middle of the document...

Canada's different regions needed the CPR to transport the products of their main industries to and from other locales, allowing the different Canadian areas to survive with few industries. Privately owned operations swelled because of the help the CPR gave them by vehicling their products across the nation. This led to the expansion and popularity of capitalism in Canada, which still exists today.The Canadian Pacific Railway protected our nation and its political system. The Canadian Government, under the leadership of Canada's first Prime Minister, Sir John Alexander MacDonald, realized the need for a railway when a series of rebellions occurred. Over the best possible route, it took Canadian troops almost 3 months to reach the site of the rebellion. MacDonald realized the railway would be one of the strongest ways to protect Canada from these events ever happening again. The government also realized that such a project would cast a tremendous amount of money on a country as young and poor as Canada. Raising taxes was not an option due to the...

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