Cqi Process/Iso 9000 Improvements Essay

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CQI Process/ISO 9000 Improvements

Discuss how CQI Process or ISO 9000 could be significantly improved. Provide examples.

The Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is defined as continuously making small incremental improvements in the processes that generate the company’s products and services. The majority of these improvements are generated from associates’ ideas and process thinking. The process stems with the information going to management. Then being reviewed by management and disseminated to determine the root cause or best approach for implementation. Thirdly a plan of action is developed and activated by a team and lastly progress is measured periodically for improvement.
“CQI and outcomes assessment are two interrelated concepts. The products of outcomes assessment form the basis for CQI. Once you have assessed the outcomes of a program or a ...view middle of the document...

The CQI process could be improved in that instance by, instead of that information being reviewed by management and disseminated to determine the root cause or best approach for implementation and then developing an action a plan by a team. The management team could save time by holding an action meeting for a team who meets frequently and regularly to discuss ways of improvement and having the ability to implement those improvements immediately.
Time is of the essence, these changes need to be implemented and frequently reviewed .
Another suggestion would be to take giant leaps as opposed to incremental improvements. Some hotels such as Residence Inn are now serving full breakfasts instead of the traditional coffee and pastry.
If upon check in or out the clerks could take a survey of the appreciation or disapproval of serving breakfast this will confirm the total quality management that this performance will take care of itself in an organization that is committed to and practices quality effort by satisfying their customer.
“It focuses on "process" rather than the individual, recognizes both internal and external

"clients" and promotes the need for objective data to analyze and improve processes.

Continuous quality improvement (CQI) is the complete process of identifying, describing, and analyzing strengths and problems and then testing, implementing, learning from, and revising solutions. It relies on an organizational culture that is proactive and supports continuous learning. CQI is not a time limited project or initiative. It is the ongoing process by which an agency makes decisions and evaluates its progress. Because for most agencies it is a complete transformation in the way decisions are made than an
addition to the work the agency needs to components will take a significant amount of time.

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