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Craft Production Essay

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From Craft Production to Mass Production

To summarize our readings and writings on the evolution of craft production to mass production, one must start from the beginning of our readings. Throughout history, many different approaches have been taken in order to develop the most efficient and cost effective way to produce material and product. The production of these products stemmed from the division of labor.
The subject of division of labor relates to the first reading of Adam Smith and Karl Marx and their opinions and views they believed to be the successful way to produce product. Adam Smith believed of breaking down large jobs into many. Each worker would become an expert in their ...view middle of the document...

Even women and children were hired to do simple tasks. They became a commodity and were basically owned by the rich people. The workers were paid very low wages and had to work under terrible conditions. He felt that the workers found their jobs to be repetitious. This day to day and hour to hour ritual became monotonous for the workers and caused them to lose their self-esteem. The workers became alienated from the social environment. According to Marx, our work should define us and we should be satisfied in order to gain self-esteem.
Marx agrees that capitalism has brought some benefits to society but the effects that it had on the relations between people is not worth the benefits it brought economically.
Not only did we learn that the division of labor (explained by Smith and Marx) had an influence on production but the theory of scientific management was to be considered. Fredrick Taylor considered work to be a science. His invention of the vertical division of labor standardized tasks; by deskilling the tasks and laying out exactly what needed to be done, he was able to make each task take a similar amount of time.   Taylor wanted the manager to control all aspects of work. This method was a processed used to increase labor productivity. The task was so simple that anyone could be easily trained to do the job. Using this method increased the number of unskilled workers but decreased the number of highly skilled workers that had learned their trade from tradition. This skill was known as a craft.
Craft production was something of the past. Very few skilled companies survived the customizing process of production. Craft production consisted of high skilled workers, high costs, low value, and little to no technology. Each piece was crafted in its own unique time and was then assembled piece by piece until the vehicle was completed. It was an expensive process and only the rich could afford to purchase a vehicle that could be made to custom fit the needs of the customer. These skilled craftsmen had no time frame and would never make any two cars alike. Only a small amount of cars could be produced per year. There are some companies that have survived over the centuries. Even though these products are still very costly and expensive, there is still a demand for customized cars.
 During the Industrial Revolution however, mass production was discovered an put in place. Ford Motor Company started using mass production in the factory in the early 1900’s. Mass production had no limit to the comparison of craft production as far as an economical growth. With this production in place, large amounts of parts could be produced on an assembly line. The cost of the vehicle continued to go down and so did the purchase...

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