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Bad Girls: Crazy & Wild

Today people’s values are expressed a lot through television and through music. Television has a very large impact on the way of right and wrong throughout the world. It reflects on the different thoughts of their audience. There are extreme amounts of television shows, and a portion of them happen to be reality shows. The Bad Girls Club is a reality TV series that airs on the Oxygen network. The basis of the show follows 7 women who display issues that consider themselves all “bad girls.” While these ladies are in the house they are supposed to achieve different goals. According to Wikipedia, the show targets girls in the age group of 18-34. The television ...view middle of the document...

Nikki played football back before she came into the house, so she believed that pushing up on the girls in a bullying way was okay. In what way are women suppose to carry themselves like highschoolers ? When viewing this you see ladies handling things in a childish manner instead of handling it in a better way. These women are supposed to come into the house to work on there personal and behavioral ways, but the show carries on and none of the girls ever change.
According to, an 11th grade student submitted a question asking, “How do you feel about the reality show “Bad Girls Club”? “ A middle school teacher replied by saying that it had both a negative and a positive meaning. She stated that the positive meaning was that it was entertaining which the meaning of the show was. She also stated that the negative part was that they portray women in such a negative way. They don’t dress nor act like ladies should.
According to this show is to have a lot of violence. They say that the cast members tend to be seen pushing, shoving, and slapping each other. They believe that most of this behavior is motivated by drinking too much. Sex is also a big thing in this show. They say that some of the scenes include kissing and making out.
In my own opinion I...

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