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Crazy Church People Essay

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Main Idea
Throughout time, Christians have suffered at the hand of other Christians; not physically harmed, moreover being associated with negative stereotypes. All because of radical fundamentalist groups who call themselves Christian.

Crazy Church People

How can Christians survive without ridicule in a world of media fanatical firestorms? Every day, media squalls surround us with church-lead protests, opinionated internet videos, and Christ centered NFL pro-quarterbacks who display their love for the Savior and condemnation of evil for the entire world to see. Moreover, when non-Christians gaze upon a proclaimed Christians, the temptation is to group Christians into a sadly ...view middle of the document...

The homogenization of basic Christian religious beliefs in today's society causes the non-believers to see the Christian believers as a cultist or pro-religious individual capable of only judging and condemning others. This challenge of Christian fundamentalism is as controversial today as it was back in the days of the early historical church. When individuals feel the path to salvation is not clearly marked, the way to guide people is to start writing by-laws and covenants or by wearing A-frame billboards at rock concerts to show the error in direction. Remembering the “Repent – John 3:16” person thumping and waiving the Bible from the street corner. Yet with the hype of fundamentalist believers of Christ like that of the Westboro Baptist Church, there is a struggle to separate true Christians from this ultra-religious categorization. Which raises the questions, who are true Christians? Moreover, the anti-homosexual hate these individuals exude shows no love or compassion from learning to be true Christians. Yet, when most people think of a religious fanatic church, many think of the WBC led by Fred Phelps. Moreover, the struggle itself begins with the escapades of these religious and pious individuals that bring hype to the wrong messages of Christian belief in only condemnation and forgiveness. Most of the premises these groups protest under have no bearing Biblically. These examples of uncivil protests are the worse display of Christianity from crazy fundamentalists at the saddest time possible.
More often than society would want, the WBC does not hesitate to protest funerals of the military and celebrities. With banners and placards of hate blazon with the words of bigotry and bias-motivated expression, the groups look for the press to feast upon these messages of hate. Doing so helps promotes the protest’s evil cause for the entire world to see. Wandering the web and seeing the stories of Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church, an Independent Fundamental Baptist congregation that meets in a classroom-sized space in a strip mall (The Best of Crazy Fundamentalist Preaching). The FWBC in making offhand statements about the President of the United States as well as protesting Gays and Lesbians goes against the beliefs of loving Christians as well. The list of the fundamentalists goes on and so does the debate. These words of judgment and condemnation, not the message true Christians wish to proclaim.
According to the Church’s website, “Pastor Anderson started Faithful Word Baptist Church on December 25, 2005. He holds no college degree but has well over 140 chapters of the Bible memorized word-for-word, including approximately half of the New Testament. Today, most Baptist churches are started by Bible colleges. However, the Bible makes it clear that the church is the pillar and ground of the truth, not a school. Faithful Word Baptist Church is a totally independent Baptist church, and Pastor...

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