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Creatine         Have You Ever Looked At The Front Of A

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Creatine Have you ever looked at the front of a fitness magazine and saw somebody and decided that you are going to look like that someday? Well, with a weight lifting supplement called creatine monohydrate you can be on you way to being that magazine cover. Creatine monohydrate is a compound produced by our bodies that helps muscles make ATP, the energy fuel the body uses for quick, intense activity of short duration ...view middle of the document...

Since creatine is a natural substance the levels of creatine in your body are easily maintained. If by any chance there is excess, it is removed by the kidneys. Shannon Sharpe, a professional athlete and long time user of creatine says that, "Creatine only improves performance. If you get five Phd's, I don't care if you get seven strength and conditioning coaches to tell me otherwise, I believe it works for me." (Shannon Sharpe in a recent interview in ESPN magazine) The reason people should use creatine is because it increases your ability to do high-intensity, short duration activities because there will be more creatine to draw upon and thus more energy will be supplied to muscles during these activities. Also, using creatine after activities of short duration and high-intensity the muscles most used will recover a lot quicker than if you did not use creatine. Bill Romanowski, pro athlete and also another user of creatine says, "I am stronger and faster than when I came into the league. I am able to work out longer, I am able to lift more pounds and I've gained more size." (Bill Roman

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