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Creating A New Laboratory Essay

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Discuss the project plan:
The lean management program is designed to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction in our blood and urine laboratory by renovating the existing laboratory space and implementing new standards. This will be done in several different ways, the first is by renovating the storage area to provide more storage overall while at the same time removing a dangerous habit of the laboratory staff by over-stocking the inadequate shelving units that are located in the storage area. This poses not only a risk of injury but is also against OSHA regulations of “stacking items on shelving units within eighteen inches of the ceiling”. The second way that this will ...view middle of the document...

This process will streamline the entire process which will in turn reduce the number of complaints from customers about the wait times that are currently associated with getting tests done in the laboratory.

What is the return on investment:
The expected return on investment for the lean management project is not one that can be calculated in dollar amounts. The return on investment for the lean project management program is a “soft” return in that it is designed to streamline the laboratory processes and reduce excess time wasted by laboratory technicians in retrieving supplies. The new procedures that will be implemented alongside the renovations to the laboratory will also reduce the waiting time for customers which will reduce the most common type of complaint that the laboratory faces, which is the long waiting times.

Create a work breakdown structure:
The work breakdown structure for the lean management project is as follows:
• Laboratory renovations.
o Securing the necessary funding for renovations.
• Designing the new space.
o Ensuring that the new layout will properly fit the current space.
• Purchasing the new shelving and storage units, and electronic buzzers.
o Contacting approved vendors and receiving pricing quotes and ensuring that it does not exceed the budget for the lean management project.
• Setting up an installation schedule for the new shelving units.
o Arranging for a team to assemble and install the new shelving units.
• Training the laboratory technicians on use of the new equipment and procedures.

What is the scope of the project:
The scope of the lean management project is to streamline the blood and urine laboratory. Due to a large number of complaints from customers about their personal experience in the laboratory management came to the conclusion that a change was in order. The method that was chosen was to renovate the laboratory and to implement new procedures in how that patients would be handled. The expected results of the new procedures would be to cut down on the number one complaint from customers by decreasing their wait time. The new storage solution will help to reduce the amount of wasted time laboratory technicians spend gathering the required materials needed for the tests by having ample room for each testing materal in its own area. This will help prevent the haphazard way in which the materials are currently all intermingled.
What are the constraint and...

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