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Creating A New Language Essay

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When Columbus “discovered” America, he founded the tradition that Europeans now call “The Age of Imperialism.” Westerners invaded existing native cultures and oppressed them with their language, culture, education, and world view. Aurora and Rosario Morales, Edward Kamau Brathwaite, and Gloria Anzaldua use their oppressor’s language to express their own personal history within the greater collective colonial history that people like to ignore. These four authors show how language is used as a tool to counter European colonial history and as a way to create new history through the invention of new language.
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” For her oppression didn’t come in the form of an education that was biased and irrelevant; more that the role of language in her life and straddling two cultures was unacceptable to the white American educational system into which she was raised. Her Spanish is a constantly evolving language and for the whites to prohibit it and other Latinos to belittle it caused her a great deal of pain and confusion in understanding her place in society and the world.
The mother and daughter Morales’ show a different perspective on what education represents. As they trace their roots back to all the different geographies and histories of the world, it is clear that their ancestors were from the laboring classes; the mountains, the ghetto, where names are not recorded and history is oral. But rather than being ashamed of these roots, they are proud of the hard work and suffering that allows these two Morales women to be who they are, educated and free. “We are new,” they say in their piece, “Ending Poem.” “They gave us life, kept us going,/ brought us to where we are.” The Morales’ take the pain and honor it so that they might...

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