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Kudler Fine Foods


Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement Kathryn Clagett University of Phoenix Online

Kudler Fine Foods Kudler Fine Foods Problem Statement Kudler Fine Foods is a well-established, gourmet food supplier in California that desires to become a nationwide chain that provides its consumer base with the finest meats, cheeses, produce, wines, in-store opportunities such as a deli and fish counter, and out of store opportunities such as catering and online ordering. (Unknown, 2003, pp. 3, 15, 16) Currently, Kudler has only three locations and all ordering still is being


done by the founder, Kathy Kudler. (Unknown, 2003) Ms. Kudler travels to each location and compiles a list of gross amounts for ordering. These materials are then distributed to the individual stores in the quantities needed. (Unknown, 2003, p. 4) Although this method of fiscal and business management is currently acceptable, it would ...view middle of the document...

(Unknown, 2003, p. 4)The first key issue leads directly to the second issue; because the owner is traveling to all stores and completing inventory, there is not much time left to explore additional services. Kudler wants to create a website that customers can view products on and eventually order products for delivery to their home.

Kudler Fine Foods Additionally they would like to increase their catering services and put in new locations. (Unknown, 2003, pp. 15-17) The broad goals of services outside of the store are met with goals to expand the in-store opportunities for the consumer, leading to key issue number three. The third key issue is that Kudler wants to incorporate a Coffee & Tea Counter and a Deli and Fish Counter to both the existing locations and any new locations. (Unknown, 2003, p. 17) The final key issue is that in order to maximize profit and limit losses Kudler’s needs to implement an electronic inventory system that communicates with all stores and helps track buying and selling trends. The greatest problem faced by Kudler Fine Foods is the overall management strategy. All of the key issue can be addressed and executed successfully after the management strategy has a makeover. Kudler will grow to be a nationwide food chain by introducing a wide selection of locations and services for clients with various ranges of knowledge and need. This vision can only be reached by the management addressing the key issues.


Kudler has the potential to become a leading competitor in organic and specialty foods nationwide. Components of this successful business are goals and a timeline. A timeline with objectives is shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1

Kudler Fine Foods (Unknown, 2003, p. 18) If the owner and current management pursue the key issues noted above and use all outside resources to their fullest advantage, Kudler will climb above all competition and succeed past their initial dreams.


Kudler Fine Foods Works Cited Unknown. (2003). Kudler Fine Foods Strategic Plan. Management-MGT521 .


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