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Creative Process Paper

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Creative Process Paper
University of Phoenix
Hum 266
January 31, 2011

Creative Process Paper
This paper will review the creative process in the lives of four notable artists. The generalizations based on research relative to each artist and his creative process including personal perspective on how that process results in each final product.
Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy. Leonardo was the ...view middle of the document...

Ryan, J. Daigle, 2005).
Leonardo spent the next several years experimenting with various types of paint, sculpting, and design configuration. In 1482 Leonardo was considered a master of paint, and also advised his patrons that he was very skilled in many other areas too. His creative path now took him into military engineering and drafting in addition to designing strategies for the local military. His passion for design at the detail level, to include weapons were now highly recognized and fully deployed. Leonardo had a preoccupation with mechanics of motion, and would continuously scribe technical drawings. During the war, by force Leonardo had to pick up and move but not before realizing he had accomplished six pieces of famous art two of which were, “Virgin of the Rocks,” and “The Last Supper” and “The Mona Lisa”(J. Ryan, J. Daigle, 2005). His inspiration was unleashed when he started the commission to paint each piece including the unique and artistic characteristic of his shading techniques, and heavy graduations that produce soft transitions between colors without solid or obtrusive lines. Leonardo was a true artistic genius of his time, not only in paint and sculpture, but also forward looking to bridge the gap and provide military strategies before their time. He was appropriately, The Italian Renaissance Man.
Plato was born in the ancient Greek city of Athens around 427 BC. He was born into a wealthy family and provided a well rounded upscale education. At the time of Plato the culture was experiencing the “golden age” with many artistic, scientific, and cultural achievements occurring in Greek time (E. Downey, 2006). Socrates was assigned the task of mentor and teacher to Plato, who at a young age, although not recorded by anyone else but Plato, was heavily influenced by the philosophical teaching of Socrates for years to come thereafter. Socrates taught on the streets, and was put on trial and later executed by the city leaders who found him to be annoying charging him with corrupting the youth with is philosophical teaching (E. Downey, 2006). Plato was moved by the social events surrounding Socrates and worked to document the trial and execution. He witnessed the trial but did not attend the execution. Plato’s rendition of the events is the best documented sources of those events and Socrates philosophical teaching leading to his execution.
After the execution of Socrates Plato travel to gain world experience and grow his philosophical perspective. Plato then returned to Athens where he started his own school and began to teach his philosophical views where scholars were produced for years after his death. “The influence of Plato and the Academy are prevalent today from the fact that we get the words “academia,” or “academic” from its name” (E. Downey, 2006).
Plato wrote all his work in dialogue form and used different...

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