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Creative Spark Paper

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Creative Spark Paper
PHL/458 Creative Minds and Critical Thinking
July 7, 2014

In the video John Bohannon, a scientist and writer, gives a presentation which takes place in November 2011 at an international convention hosted TED in Brussels, Belgium. Bohannon introduces a modest proposal for easing our economic financial burden through the use of dance vice power point presentations. The idea first came to Bohannon during a conversation with a friend who is physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His friend was struggling to explain a scientific experiment on “lasers could be used to cool down matter”. Science is a subject where the more words ...view middle of the document...

It creates an illusion of competence, simplicity and understanding.
In the talk John proposes that after cutting the $150 million budget in half to help out the economy. Let’s put the dancers back to work by hiring them to for presentations. This will increase jobs in a field where work does not come easy and cut back on the millions spent on power points. This idea has already become reality in the world of Science. David Ode, a Biomedical Engineer, at the University of Minnesota builds mathematical models to explain how cells move. However prior to construction he works with dancers to determine what types of models to build. John Bohannon runs an annual contest called “Dance your Ph.D.” where scientist must explain their research through interpretive dance.

The dance vs. power point talk really put this class into perspective for me. John Bohannon definitely illuminated every stage in the creative process. His challenge was to help our global economy and provide steady jobs for dancers around the world. During the presentation he expressed the problem of wasting millions of dollars daily on power points that were ineffective the majority of the time. After...

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