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Creative Thinking Essay

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Critical Thinking
Critical thinking can be defined in a numerous ways, but all the definitions agree that critical thinking is definitely thinking about thinking. Webster’s dictionary defines it as the mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion. It is important to understand critical thinking as well as be able to think critically when managing a business. Being able to think critically in an effective manner will consequently help you run ...view middle of the document...

Allowing these personal barriers to effect the decisions that you make can be costly when you are managing your business. There was a manager I recently worked with that let his personal barriers affect his decisions when we were choosing an employee to promote to supervisor. After discussing the pros and cons for the employees that applied for the position it was decided among the managers that we would promote a certain employee citing a number of legitimate reasons. However, one manager adamantly disagreed with the consciences of the rest of the management team, giving reasons that were not biased on job related issues. He let his cultural differences give him just reason to disagree with the other managers thus, allowing his enculturation prohibit him from evaluating the situation more clearly. Being able to take on ideas with a more open mind will allow you to entertain a larger variety of possibilities for alternate out comes when dealing with a problem. For instance, in the past at my work the managers made decisions that involved day to day operations that they did not have much involvement in and were not adequately informed about, thus causing production problems. So when discussing ideas on how to fix this problem I suggested that we maybe spend more time performing these operations to...

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