Creative Writing Essay

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Mom and Dad
You are both very special people in each and every way,
They are always encouraging me more and more each and every day.
They both are the reason why I'm so strong, stubborn, and beautiful.
With those two at the rubber nothing could go wrong.
They've both helped me through many trials and tribulations,
They've made things better in every different situation.
Thank you both for always being there for me,
And showing me that you truly care and love me.
Words could never explain how I feel about you two,
But I hope you know that I truly love you with all my heart!
My Love
I've been with you since before you were born.
I'll stand by your side thru thick and thin, as ...view middle of the document...

Friends come and go throughout our lives
Life flies by right before my very own eyes.
I loose ones I love so very quickly and sudden
Yet through it all I still get up each day and love my life.
People leave me to fight their battles alone
I put on a fake smile to hide all my misery and pain I’m feeling inside
Yet someone still knows my hurt and can see it in my eyes.
Through it all I still put on a front to satisfy those around me
Thorough it all I wouldn't change a single thing
Through it all I wouldn't trade my life for fortune or for fame.
I build a wall to try to keep from getting hurt by others
I lock up my heart and throw away the key to determine who may care enough to look for it Through it all there's not many people that found the key yet still I love them all.
Struggles meet me in the face to watch me slip up and stress out
Yet through it all I wouldn't change a single thing.
Through it all I wouldn't change a single thing
Through it all I wouldn't trade my life for fortune or for fame.
Baby Boy
My precious baby boy, Oh how I love you so much.
I will promise to protect you always, with my soft tender touch. You mean everything in this world to me, if only you knew. A moment without you with me, and I instantly feel blue. My precious baby boy, I get to watch you grow. We'll play lots of games and do many things together, and I'll tickle your little toes. As your loving and protective mother, I feel much more than blessed for you being in my life. In life I wish you happiness, and only the best you can be. My precious baby boy, I will always be here for you when you need me. I will promise to protect you each and every day, you have nothing to fear mommy is always here.
Precious One
Welcome baby boy into this world today, our planet is earth.
You're the ultimate reward a mother could ask for, from a very long painful birth. Now that you're finally here, with bliss am thrilled.
A beautiful new life, with you I shall build each and every day together. Feel free to be curious about life, but no need to be scared baby boy.
You will be spoiled, and thoughtfully cared for. Don't worry little precious one, I will always be there to tend to your cries.
Everything will be explained to you, once you open your eyes. You're tremendously loveable, charming and sweet.
The rest of the family, will be here soon to meet you. They all hope you're excited to meet me, with being brand new.
You're my newborn baby boy so full of joy, and with my heart I love you so much.

Little One
I loved you from the very start when you were just a little pea in my belly
you stole my breath away from the start, and embraced my heart.
Our lives together have just really begun
you’re part of me now, my little one.
As an expecting mother with a child, each day I believed
My mind would be filled with delightful thoughts of you.
I'm daydreaming of the things we'll share with each other,
Like late-night bottles, late...

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