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Creative Writing About A Boy Called Christian

1865 words - 8 pages

Christian pushed his back up against the brick wall behind him and brushed back the dirty-blond hair that had fallen in front of his face, revealing emerald-green eyes, lined with tears. He slid his index finger across his crimson cheek and wiped it dry, only to have the rain strike itself down onto it. He was starting to cool down now, but he could still feel his heart pounding in his chest. The stony ground below him had cut at his bare feet and now they were as sore as hell, but he didn’t care. He had to get away after what he’d done…* * *…The first thing Christian saw when he woke up that morning was the window by his bed and the raindrops that had settled themselves ...view middle of the document...

“I’m leaving you, Frank! And I’m taking the boy with me!”“Now, calm down, Angie, please. You’re scaring Chris.”Christian lowered his brow and shot them both a look that could freeze a flame.“Stop it, the pair of you. I’m sixteen, for God’s sake. I can make my own decisions!”“I’m sorry, son.” Frank replied, his apology not completely sincere, (Christian always hated when he called him ‘son’. He wasn’t his dad and he never would be.) “Me and you mum are having a bit of a misunderstanding.”“Misunderstanding?! Frank, I’m leaving!” She turned to Christian, “Let’s go, love. Leave him to feel sorry for himself.”“I’m staying here. You go if you want.” He replied, calmly. He gave out a gasp and continued; “Hey, why don’t the two of you leave, I’ll stay here and then you’ll both be out of my hair.” He smiled and turned away from them, leaving the room. He continued back towards the stairs before catching a glimpse of his mother stomping towards him. He sighed as she grabbed his arm and pulled him towards her.“Listen, boy.” By this time, she was pretty red in the face, “You’re my son and you’ll do what I say. You’re not an adult yet, so stop trying to act grown up.”“Mum, I’m sixteen. I’m not a kid anymore.” Christian was starting to get agitated and he knew that, when he got angry, something was going to be broken, and he often didn’t care what it was. He had to get away from his mother. Although she was the one triggering off his anger, he didn’t want her to be in the way when he lost control of himself, and he could feel it coming on pretty soon. “Let go of my arm.”…* * *…Christian tried to examine the alley he was stood in, but the rain pelted itself into his eyes each time he lifted his head, making them sting and blurring his vision. He could feel a sharp pain underneath his eye and lifted his hand to find what was causing it. As he slid his finger under his eye, he felt something sharp slice it. He took a firm hold of whatever it was with his thumb and index finger and started to pull it out. As it slowly emerged, it felt like someone was driving a needle through his eye. He let go and let out a deep breath.Relaxing himself, he took hold of it once more and pulled it out as fast as he could. He screamed and felt a trickle of blood make its way down his cheek. He blinked a few times and looked down at the shard of glass he had in his hand. It wasn’t very clear to him without his glasses on, but he knew very well what it was…* * *…She was now a matter of centimetres away from his face. He could feel his temperature rising and his heart beating just that little bit faster. She loosened her grip on his arm and he snapped it away from her. He sat at the bottom of the stairs and made an attempt at...

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