Creative Writing Discovery Essay

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Creative Writing – Discovery

There was once a happy family of birds enjoying themselves beneath the sun rays in a rest, high up in an oak tree of the Australian outback. All of a sudden a bushfire erupted out of nowhere and was gaining speed towards their beloved tree. Mother birdy sprang into action and started flying East towards safety with her chicks in tow. But in the panic of the event, they forgot that Birdy junior couldn’t fly yet as he was still young. Mother birdy quickly flew to her baby and told him not to worry, that she loves him and will send a family friend to look after him and protect him. As the birdy grew and learned the magic of flying over the years, with the help of ...view middle of the document...

” He hated how Simon kept bringing up their father, who had died in a bushfire last summer. He kept trying to forget about him, as the memory of him hurt too much. “Simon could you just shut your beak for once in your life, why do you have to keep bringing him up anyway, you know how I get.” “I’m, I’m sorry I won’t bring him up again.” Carl saw a tear fall down his cheek and instantly felt guilty, “Oh Simon I’m sorry, I didn’t mean - .” “Simon, Carl, there’s a fire burning its’ way up from the West of here, it’s only one kilometre away!!” Carl could see their mother flying frantically, her sky blue wings blurring into the background, a background which was his worst nightmare spring to life. He saw scarlet flames which reminded him of death licking its’ way up steadily to his nest; his friends nests. He only knew that at this exact moment he had to save his family.
Carl sprang into action, leaping off the branch to get to his mother, before she scared Simon into a panic attack. CRASH! SMASH! Pieces of wood, branches and shards of rock were flying out in all different directions at Carl and his mother. Even though he had lost his father, he was determined not to lose anybody else due to this disastrous fire. “Mum you go and comfort Simon while I make sure everyone else is okay, alright?” “Oh alright then, just make sure you make it back in one piece, okay?” Carl could see the worry radiating from her beady eyes and promised her he’ll be back as soon as he can. When Carl left his nest to go and help to save others, he left behind his brother Simon, and their mum to defend for themselves. He did a quick loop among the trees and realized that everyone had already evacuated and raced back home. He was reunited with his mum realizing that they didn’t have Simon with them. He asked, “Where is Simon, what happened to him?” “Oh shoot! I left him at home when I was in a hurry to leave the place, I forgot that he couldn’t fly yet, she replied as she started to sob. “There, there. We will try to go and find him tomorrow when the fires move through”, Said Carl with a soothing tone to his voice. So they spent the night at the river waiting for what tomorrow would bring and what the weather would be like. The next morning, they woke up and saw that there was light rain and a cool breeze. Just what they wanted! Carl said, “Alright mum, we have to go back to where our nest used to be and find our Simon.” So they set off to go back...

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