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Creativity is the process of generating new ideas while innovation is the change that creates a new dimension of performance. Creativity is the individual personality traits that facilitate the generation of new ideas while Innovation is the act of introducing something new and the ability to deliver new value to a customer.   Creativity is about thinking about new things while innovation involves doing new things. In my perspective, creativity and innovation help in my business under the existing environment are:
* Individual
* Teams
* Organization
Creativity and innovation remain today vital ingredients to the success of any organisation and it has become an ...view middle of the document...

Such commitment will be demonstrated through the company’s training policy. Training and development empowers individuals to take on additional responsibility and to demonstrate more initiative at work. Creative skills and problem solving abilities are possessed by all employees. A high involvement organisation is successful because it utilises individual’s abilities and ideas.
Creativity and innovation are essential skills in almost any workplace. When problems arise, having a team of people that can solve issues quickly and effectively with a little creative thinking is beneficial to my point of view, the learning of creativity and innovation as teams , help us to Promote regular team brainstorming sessions, which allow employees a chance to produce a high quantity of ideas. Once we have a large amount of ideas, analyse and choose those ideas that are of high quality. Secondly, to create an encouraging work environment. For example If employees see that their ideas are encouraged and accepted, they will be more likely to be creative, leading to potential innovation in the workplace and to Create a collaborative work environment such as Creativity and innovation can stem from employees working together to reach a goal. Foster communication between employees and between departments and reward those that work together to solve problems. The creativity and innovation learning encourage our team members to take risks. The opposite of creativity is fear.
Employees won't be creative or innovative if they fear a backlash from failure. Create an environment that is free from fear of failure treat our employees' failures as a learning tool rather than a means for passing around blame. Organisational goals and values must be communicated clearly to employees to that there is a shared understanding of the direction of the organisation. Support for innovation and team work must also be...

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