Creole Languages Essay

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Haiti has two official languages,
* French
* Haitian Creole also called French Creole or just Creole
* Haitian Creole is the true national language of the Republic of Haiti. The official status was maintained under the country's 1987 constitution
* spoken by about seven million people, All Haitians speak the language, but a small minority of about 10% of the population also speak French, which they have learned either at home or at school
* creole is a language in its own right with its own pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and pragmatics. the grammar of Creole is just as complex or simple as that of English or French, and its ...view middle of the document...

* On any one plantation, several African languages were spoken. 
* Also at that time, most of the French people in Saint-Domingo spoke French dialects and ‘everyday spoken’ French. 
* That type of French, called Popular (common people's) French, differed a lot from the French spoken by the ruling classes in France called Standard French. 
* The slaves found difficulty in communicating with fellow slaves in a common African tongue, and many tried to learn Popular French. 
* As more Slaves arrived later, they had little contact with French speakers, as such they tried to learn the Popular French the other slaves spoke rather than Popular French itself. 
* Over time, this approximated form of French became more and more different from the French varieties and came to be recognized as a language in its own right--Creole. 
* It was even spoken by the whites and became the language used by all those born in the colony. 
* More than 90% of the vocabulary of Creole is of French origin,...

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