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Crew Resource Management (CRM) has been a great asset to flight safety by properly using resources for pilots and aircrew. The use of CRM have been effective with other training tools to help encourage better communication and to improve decision making skills. CRM is a valuable asset to companies training program if the technical skills are utilizes in the proper manner. CRM ...view middle of the document...

Error is an inevitable result of the natural limitations of human performance and the function of complex systems. CRM is one of an array of tools that organizations can use to manage error” (1999, p.9). This statement is to show an understanding of human error and to help manage the risk in the flight station
In the world of aviation safety, (Wells and Rodrigues, 2003, 4th Ed, p172) stated in Commercial Aviation Safety that pilot training is another way to reduce error. Pilot training can be specific or general purpose. Most general purpose training is a requirement by the Federal Aviation Regulations FARs) and can’t be deviated from. CRM is considered general purpose training that offers remedy for poorly defined class problems that generate for poor and inappropriate cockpit communication. It can be defined as corrected action training program for all aircrew or pilots. CRM can be a broad scale of training to help rectify a behavior in attitudes and social communication behavior. CRM has been accepted by most company’s aircrew as a worthwhile approach. An example of broad base training would be Line-oriented flight training (LOFT). It’s considered as full mission crew coordination training conducted in flight simulators. CRM training that is designed to meet more specific problems or defined problems is being label as Specific training (Wells & Rodrigues, 2003). There are many theories on why CRM fails to be an effective tool to eliminate error and become an important management tool. These reasons include the culture of some pilots having great experience and therefore not wanting to be questioned or trained. Furthermore, because they are so seasoned, a potential contributor will not assert their input because they are intimidated or have what is called a crab mentality which is a person that wants to keep all positive information to themselves for job security purposes. An organization needs to reflect its CRM commitment; this can be achieved by including CRM into the company’s mission statement. The mission statement will give clarity to all that CRM is part of the company’s culture. Most aviation companies fall under the new training rule that complies with FAR Part 121 operational requirements; training requirements for all pilots of passenger operations in aircraft with ten seats or more that CRM training for both crewmembers and flight...

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