Cricket Training Program Essay

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Cricket Training Program

Like any athlete, cricket players also need to follow a strength and
conditioning program that aims towards them peaking at certain stages
of the year. By concentrating on a combination of strength training
and CV workouts throughout the winter season will enable you to
perform with greater ability and reduce risk of injury during the
summer season. cricket training program

Along with building a good base of strength and fitness, the skills of
the game should be worked on, ideally as a team in order to produce a
higher level of combined skills, as cricket is a sport that is played
in two forms, batting and fielding.

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You should aim to spend at least two sessions a week performing some
form of aerobic training over a period of 45 to 60 minutes plus. This
exercise does not need to be at a high intensity (Heart Rate at about
65 75%). You should be able to hold a little conversation, however
finish with a good level of sweat. Good forms of aerobic exercise are
cycling, rowing, and running. If you have a poor fitness level, work
on spending 15 minutes on each of these three exercises, aiming to
build up to 45 minutes plus on one of the disciplines. The aim here is
not only to get fit whilst working for 45 minutes plus, but to also
keep your mind busy whilst performing a simple exercise.


Look at the plyometric circuit to developing explosive power, aim to
do this circuit no more than once a week, and certainly not on days
before a match, as this type of circuit takes a few days to recover

Shuttle sprints:- most sprints last for between 6 and 40 metres in a
match, so look at this distance for your training. Work your sprints
in the following form, standing start, running start, lying start i.e.
(as if you have just dived for a ball and missed it) walk forward for
4 steps then turn either to the side or completely behind for a short
sprint. Once you can complete these drills in normal training kit,
work all the drills wearing all your pads and carrying your bat.


Used to gain speed in footwork, lay out a rope ladder, or chalk out an
area with approximately 15 inch squares. Combining ladders so that you
go both forward and sideway's, will give you rapid results. The
numbers indicate the order to run in.













Single leg run; aim to run on the ball of your foot, without catching
the rope or chalk lines.
[IMAGE]= Left foot [IMAGE] = Right foot










[IMAGE] 10

[IMAGE] 11

[IMAGE] 12

Double leg run; aim to run at speed through the rope ladder, pumping
with your arms.
[IMAGE]= Left foot [IMAGE] = Right foot


1 2


3 4


5 6


7 8


9 10


11 12

Double side step, run through the ladder in a sideways direction, with
either double or single leg. [IMAGE]= Left foot [IMAGE] = Right Foot














Ickey Shuffle, As with the double...

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