Crime Analysis

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Crime analysis

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Ensuring the safety and security of communities is one of the major and primary responsibilities of local governments. It involves community policing and problems solving methods. Problem-solving are the strategies that extend the traditional community policing hence considered to be critical elements in community policing. Problem-solving methods for crimes are expanding police agencies globally. Community policing majorly focuses social disorders and crimes by delivering police services that enforce the law as well as problem-solving, prevention, partnership and community engagement. There are three major ...view middle of the document...

The area of crime analysis is very essential for crime control. Crime analysis is posed with a number of limitations. First the data quality can vary because sometimes data collection and recording can be influenced by political setting and target consideration. After a certain crime analysis, data may need to be adjusted for comparability purposes. Furthermore, the process of asking questions is not consistent therefore making comparison difficult. Another major limitation of crime analysis is based on its centralization task. According to Vellani & Nahoun (2001), centralization in crime analysis often separates the crime analysts from the officers. It makes it difficult for the officers as they have to seek out the unit and determine which analyst they are working with and also relate needs and requests in case the analysts doesn’t know the officers.
Crime mapping is a law enforcement tool that uses visuals maps of crimes in a certain geographic region. Through organizing crimes in grid form the law enforcement agencies can identify areas and patterns of concern as well as other relevant information that is important in order to make their operations effective. The crime maps are released to the public so as they can be informed of the crime areas and pattern of interests. Despite a lot of benefits provided by crime mapping, it has its own limitation. On of the major limitation of crime mapping is that it focuses on a small geographic area. This makes it difficult to cover safety and security issues fully. Most of the crime maps area regarded to have weighted anecdotal information, and this can result in bias on historical problems. Therefore, this can bring deployment errors in the most of the police departments. Another limitation is that information available for crime maps focuses on very limited facts. Therefore, it may end up only reflecting on geographic area and not a large one. Moreover, people consider very few issues thereby area. Crime maps at some instances give general information. Miller, Hess & Orthmann (2013) states that a small area may be reported to have many cases while a large area has cases that have information that is exaggerated. Henceforth, this becomes a source of discouragement for clients of private companies.
Crime patterning is another concept of problem-solving that analyses crimes through time and spaces by focusing on crime events that could result from different elements for it to occur. In this case, some crime can are related to each other in number of ways. These patterns have a lot of usefulness to law enforcement agencies they are much aware of the areas they need to concentrate and add resources to fight the crimes (Vellani & Nahoun, 2001). For instance, according to a report by NCVS on crime patterns shows that the people living in the cities are twice likely to be criminally victimized because the number of residents is much higher than in the rural areas. The report also...

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