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Crime And Data Comparison Essay

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Crime Data and Comparison Paper
CJA 314
April 28, 2014

Crime has been around since the early 1800s. Crime as defined by Merriam-Webster is considered to be an act of the commission of an act that is forbidden or the commission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by the law (Merriam-Webster, 2014). According to the European Society of Criminology (ESC), criminology is defined as “all scholarly, scientific and professional knowledge concerning the explanation prevention, control and treatment of crime and delinquency, offenders and victims, including the measurement and detection of crime, legislation, and the ...view middle of the document...

NIBRS is considered to be fairly new and is still being implemented into the criminal justice field of study.
The National Incident Based Reporting System reports that there were 277 murders reported in the city of Dallas in 2013, and of those 277 murders only 154 arrests have been made. There has been a steady increase in murders in Dallas, Texas since June 2013 which is almost a 15 percent increase from 2012. The crime spikes have been attributed to drugs, criminal on criminal murders, and both witness tampering and murders. As more and more arrest are being made in connection to local drug dealers, street violence continues to increase.
This immediate increase in criminal activity, behavior and murders is in directly correlation with turf wars. The battle of winning control over prime drug hotspots and customers due to the now available market. According to Dallas Crime, the metropolitan area is number one in big city crime ratings. Although the overall crime rate has decrease over the past year, the violent crimes have continued to creep up. To help combat the problem, more law enforcement officers have been hired to help patrol the streets of Dallas.
The NIBR reports that there were a total of 349 murders reported in the city of Houston, and of those 349 murders 217 arrest were made. Houston area streets have become a hotbed for gang activity, and continues to show an increase in gang members. Crime spiked in Houston following the aftermath of both hurricanes Rita and Katrina, however recent crime statistics reflect a slight decrease in its overall crime rate.
Houston like any other city in America still has...

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