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One may ask which character in a novel or a movie and maybe even a play has the most important role. The main character is the one where the plot unfolds around. The main character has a role that is loud and the role comes without question. However, there are other key players that are equally as important. Those roles include supporting actors or supporting characters. A supporting character’s role takes on many faces. Their role can be ever so silent and menial. However, they can have the same significance, if not more, as the main character. Take for example in the novel Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. The role played by the daughter of a drunken father, Sonia. Her role is so ...view middle of the document...

Porfiry says things like he doesn't want to question Raskolnikov he just wants to hang out like friends. He even takes the time to explain some of his detective methods to Raskolnikov. Though Raskolnikov is almost sure that there is no real evidence of him being the murderer, Porfiry makes full use of Raskolnikov unsteady feeling. Basically, Porfiry tells Raskolnikov, all about how criminals eventually confess and how important it is to give a criminal time and space to make the confession. Porfiry goes out of his way to confuse Raskolnikov into confession but he still did not accomplish this goal! Sonia being the one that gets Raskolnikov to confess says a lot about her character. How can someone so quiet and timid convince a killer to confess when a trained detective, that obviously had other criminals confess, couldn’t? It could be because Sonia chose a different and gentler approach. She uses a testimony about human forgiveness and compassion and waits very patiently. She is really the only one who sees the good in Raskolnikov and he sees that. I believe this has a lot to do with coming to the decision of actually confessing. Her gentle and humble approach is the perfect balance for a character with a personality as intense as Raskolnikov. Her character is so humble, yet so powerful with very little effort which literally amazes me to no end. The mysterious side of her is what drew me into really reevaluating her character then causing me to realize, she is indeed THE main character.

Another reason that I think of Sonia as being the most important character of the novel is that Sonia changed the beliefs of Raskolnikov. She basically saves him. Throughout the novel, Raskolnikov lets his disbeliefs in God or any religious thing be known, but by the end of the novel, Sonia played such a significant role that she changed his beliefs. I think the best example of this would be when Sonia gives Raskolnikov the cross and has him pray. This is a sign of Raskolnikov accepting Christ and the lord as his savior into his life. I think one could even consider Sonia as the religion of the novel. In the beginning he seemed so against it. At the same time he was lost and didn’t really have a clue about his purpose in life. It seems that Sonia, very patiently, guided him to the back to the right path. Sonia is very kind-hearted. She treats Raskolnikov with respect and never talks down to him and believes in him when everyone turns their back. This patience, love, and true acceptance was exactly what he needed. Even when he questioned her religion and showed signs of him thinking less of her because of her occupation; she still was his source of light through such a dark plot. To change someone’s religion is something that doesn’t happen often at all! Especially not someone who is an adult and so set in their ways. What amazes me about this character is that she is so soft spoken and timid yet so very powerful at the same time. What other character in...

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