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Crime And Violence Essay

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1. Adult court system and juvenile court system:
a. Name and describe the differences between the adult court system and juvenile court system.
The difference in juvenile court system is that the juvenile get less sentence and more like rehabilitation to seek some education and physical treatment, and it’s not emphasis because the court have privacy in the juvenile court they do not disclosed what the offense the defendant did and in the juvenile court system there are no jury trial meaning there can be no unfair and bias trial against them, so has there is no guilty or not guilty cases in juvenile court because the court already they committed the crime or the act ...view middle of the document...

Also, children tried as juveniles cannot be sentenced to adult jails or prisons. There are many debates over these and the other aforementioned practices, with critics and proponents on all issues, but I personally think the system is good and it can only get better with time

b. Describe at least two of the important juvenile court decision discussed in the textbook, and their impact today on juvenile court proceedings.

2. Describe and explain each goal of sentencing

Deterrence-is one of the primary objects of the Criminal Law. Its primary goal is to discourage members of society from committing criminal acts out of fear of punishment. The most powerful deterrent would be a criminal justice system that guaranteed with certainty that all persons who broke the law would be apprehended, convicted, and punished, and would receive no personal benefit from their wrongdoing. However, it is unrealistic to believe that any criminal justice system could ever accomplish this goal, no matter how many law enforcement resources were dedicated to achieving it.

Specific deterrence- A specific deterrence is a type of deterrence that attempts to persuade the individual before the court not to commit further offences. If offenders are punished severely, they are less likely to repeat their illegal acts.

General deterrence- Focuses on general prevention of crime by making examples of specific deviants. The individual is not the focus of the attempt at behavioral change, but rather receives punishment in public view in order to deter other individuals from deviance in the future it seeks to achieve the enforcement of criminal laws by intimidating others into abiding by the law. In other words, people fear breaking the law because they fear the consequences that come with breaking the law. General deterrence tries to send a message to the public by making the public fearful of the consequences of committing a crime, and therefore, less likely to commit a crime.
3. Name the eight steps to a criminal trial and provide a detailed description of what takes place in each step.

Trial initiation
Jury selection
Opening statement
Presentation of evidence
Closing arguments
Judge’s charge to the jury
Jury deliberations

Trial initiation - first appearance before a judge, at which three things are decided: When your next court date is, the amount of your bail/bond, and the lawyer that will represent you in the criminal court system, It's important for this to happen as soon as possible because the 6th Amendment of the Constitution guarantees accused persons the right to a speedy trial.

Jury selection- is when body of people that are selected by the prosecutor or judge to represent in the court in case when there is a defendant to see if the defendant is guilty or not guilty depending upon the evidence that was said and presented in the court they make their decision...

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