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Crime Reduction Essay

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Crime Reduction and Prevention Proposal
As long as there has been crime and criminals, there have been theories to explain crime and why people commit them, as well as ideas about how to prevent them. Many different methods have been developed to deter crime, such as the death penalty, the “three strike” rule, and lengthy prison sentences. However, although it seems that the number of methods developed to deter crime is bountiful, far fewer of these programs focus on how to help the victims of those crimes. This proposal will offer different ways of preventing and deterring crime and also suggest ideas to ensure that crime victims are assisted in an effective manner.
Assisting Victims
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This is a worthy program that assists with providing for the immediate needs of victims ("The Chicago Criminal Law Blog", 2014). It provides for the emotional and physical results of violence to a victim. Additionally, there should be programs in place to assist victims of non-violent crimes as well. They may not have been faced with the effects of brutal violence, but they still need help to get “back on their feet.” Victims of non-violent crimes often have emotional scars as well. Expanding this fund to include high-risk victims of non-violent crimes would be beneficial as well. The compensation should be provided on an “as needed” and case-by-case basis.
Emotional Assistance
There are many programs that provide emotional support to victims in the Chicago area. It is recommended that a policy is implemented that makes it mandatory for domestic violence victims to seek immediate help, by way of counseling, when police are called to a specific residence three times within a certain time frame. These repeat calls indicate an immediate need for the family and victim to get help before something drastic takes place. Referrals are a great way to steer the victim in the right direction. Officers responding to calls could provide victims with brochures containing essential telephone numbers of programs that are available.
Victim’s services agencies throughout Chicago should meet quarterly to discuss efficiency of current counseling services and programs for victims. They could provide forums to the community on needed laws to preserve and protect victim rights as well as to provide the necessary compensation and counseling services for victims of domestic and non-domestic related offenses.

Physical Assistance
The Crime Victims Assistance Line is a valuable resource for all crime victims. It provides a menu of services offered to, and for, victims. Their questions are answered by trained counselors who are there to help ease the burden on victims seeking assistance, whether it's counseling, monetary reimbursement, or assistance with temporary relocation.
The Chicago Housing Authority has a victim assistance program to assist residents who have been victimized by random acts of violence on Housing Authority property. They also provide aid to residents who have been traumatized as a result of crimes on Housing Authority property. Relocation assistance is given to victims who qualify ("Chicago Housing Authority", 2004). They offer a victim assistance hotline for residents.
The Illinois Crime Victims Compensation Act provides for monetary assistance for temporary lodging for and relocation for victims. There are certain limitations for victims and certain criteria that must be met in order to qualify. Relocation expenses that are covered include moving vans, storage fees, moving company fees, security deposits, and shipping fees. The Attorney General’s Office provides help to victims who need assistance filling out the victim’s compensation...

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