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Criminal Data Paper

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Crime Data Comparison
May 7, 2015

In this paper the writer will be talking crime data in California. The writer will be discussing violent crime within Shasta County and Contra Costa County. Contra Costa County is down in the bay and Shasta County is in Northern California. The writer will tell how different it is from one end of the California to the northern most tip of California. The writer will discuss how the rates have changed over time in both areas. The writer will talk about what factors may explain why the crime rate is much higher in that area. The writer grew up in both of the counties that will be discussed in this paper.
Contra Costa County consists of ...view middle of the document...

The Antioch police are authorized to have one hundred and two officers but were currently only with eighty two officers.
In Shasta County the crime rates have risen since the writer left in 1998. In November 2011 within Shasta County the city of Redding has become the number one violent crime city within Shasta County (Saam K. 2014). The crime in rate for violent crimes was even higher than in Antioch at seventy five percent. Even though it is only one percent higher than Antioch, that one percent can tell an individual whether he or she wants to live in that town or fine somewhere else to go. The property crime is even higher than Antioch at fifty one percent. In 2014 Redding made Time Magazine’s top ten cities where the violent crime rate is not just rising but it is soaring (Saam K. 2014). The statistics according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations put Redding’s violent crime rate at fifty three percent over the last five years. Redding was ranked number five in the nation for increase of violent crimes. Odessa, Texas was ranked number one. The Federal Bureau of Investigations reported that there were one thousand two hundred and ninety eight violent crimes committed in Redding’s metro area in 2012 that is up from eight hundred fifty one in 2007 (Saam K. 2014).
The writer believes that the reason the crime rates may be on the rise not only in Antioch but in Redding is because the state is internally broke. The state is...

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