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Criminal Justice Capstone 2
Individual Project 2
Professor G.
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I will list five cases that have impacted the death penalty. I will also provide a summary and judgment of each case as well as the constitutional issues that arose.
Kennedy v. Louisiana (US Supreme Court, 554 U.S.___
June 25, 2008
Summary and judgment:
Petitioner Patrick Kennedy was convicted and sentenced to death in Louisiana for the aggravated rape of his then 8 year-old stepdaughter. A Louisiana state statute authorized capital punishment for the rape of a child under 12. The State Supreme Court affirmed the statute, rejecting petitioner’s ...view middle of the document...

' On appeal, the Supreme Court of Virginia affirmed the sentence. The US Supreme Court reviewed and reversed the Virginia Supreme Court's judgment on the grounds that judgments of state legislatures regarding punishment of the mentally retarded had become more lenient since Penry v. Lynaugh in 1989
Furman v. Georgia (US Supreme Court, 408 U.S. 238
June 29, 1972
Summary and judgment:
Petitioner William Henry Furman was discovered burglarizing a home. When attempting to escape, his weapon went off and killed a resident in the house. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Two other death penalty cases were decided along with Furman: Jackson v. Georgia and Branch v. Texas. These cases deal with the constitutionality of the death penalty for rape and murder convictions. The US Supreme Court held that the imposition of the death penalty in these cases constituted cruel and unusual punishment and violated Constitutional rights.
Coker v. Georgia (US Supreme Court, 433 U.S. 584
June 29, 1977
Summary and judgment:
Petitioner Erlich Anthony Coker, while serving sentences for murder, rape, kidnapping, and assault, escaped from a Georgia jail. He broke into a house, raped and kidnapped the resident woman and took her car. Later Coker released the victim without any further physical injuries. He was eventually caught. The state of Georgia sentenced...

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