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Criminal Justice In Action: Responsibilities Of State And Federal Courts

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Criminal Justice on Action Checkpoint
Daisy MendozaApril 9, 2010 |


Responsibilities of State and Federal Courts  
Federal court and State court are the two main court systems today. There are several levels of court that these two systems are made up to. Every court is limited in some way, one being jurisdiction. A state trial court has jurisdiction over residents over a certain area of the state, such as a county or district. The state supreme court has jurisdiction over the entire state, and the United States Supreme Court has jurisdiction over the entire country. Limitations on types of cases a court can hear are a subject of jurisdiction. State ...view middle of the document...

The feral court system is three-tiered model consisting of U.S district courts (trial courts of general jurisdiction) and various courts of limited jurisdiction, U.S courts of appeals ( intermediate courts of appeal), and the United States Supreme Court. State court judges are usually elected, but federal court judges including the justice of the Supreme Court are picked by the president of the United States.
U.S district courts is the lowest tier of the court system, the courts is where the federal laws begins, and a judge or jury decide the case. U.S Courts of Appeals is referred to the U.S circuit courts of appeals, there are thirteen U.S courts of appeals. U.S courts appeals have appellate jurisdiction over certain types of cases, such as cases involving patent law and cases in which the U.S government is a defendant. The court appeals are final unless further appeal is pursued and granted: in the case the matter is brought before the United States Supreme Court.
Trial courts are original...

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