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The process of our criminal justice system
Have you ever wonder what the criminal justice process was like? The Criminal justice system is very important to understand in our society. The criminal justice system is made up of three main components such as: Police, courts and corrections. These components work together to protect individual’s rights and the rights of society Schmalleger, 2013, p.13). When all three components work together, it makes the criminal justice system work very well.
The first component of the criminal justice system is the police. The police deals with enforcing the law, ...view middle of the document...

The first process of the courts is the first appearance. Within hours of arrest suspects must be brought before a magistrate (p.16). The judge often will tell them of the charges and advise them of their rights and sometimes give them a bail (p.16). The next step of this process is the preliminary hearing: The preliminary hearing is just an opportunity to have charges dismissed, reduced, and analyzed before going to trial. The preliminary hearing before a judge assures malicious, illegal, or otherwise inadmissible charges are not brought against a defendant without sufficient cause (p16).
Information or indictment in another process in the court systems. In some states the prosecutor may seek to continue a Race against the defendants by filing information with the court. Other states require indictment by grand jury. The grand jury hears evidence presented by the prosecutor and decides whether the case goes to trial (p.16). Arraignment and adjudication is also a process in the system. The accused stands before a judge and hears evidence against him/her. Defendants are notified of rights and enters plea, either it is not guilty, guilty, or no contest (p16).
A trial can be held or the defendant can enter a guilty plea. A trial involves an adversarial process that puts the prosecution against the defense. In many trials, a jury hears the evidence and decides issues of guilt of innocence, while the judge ensures the...

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