Criminal Justice Trends Essay

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Criminal Justice Trends Paper
James Hankerson
January 2, 2013
Patrick Clayton

Criminal Justice Trends Paper
Imagine a country without a criminal justice system, there would be a widespread of chaos and confusion constant insecurity. Children would not be able to play outside without experiencing fear of something happening to them. Criminals would be able to torment innocent people without any consequences. This is a good example why we need our law enforcement agencies.
In this essay the following statement will be described the past, present, and future of law enforcement. Explain the budgetary and managerial impact that future trends will have not only on the component of ...view middle of the document...

The criminal justice system had it easier during this era, there were crime being committed, but on a smaller scale. In the past law enforcement would have to walk the streets patrolling the neighborhood. Law enforcement did not have the luxury of driving one officer to a vehicle, two way radios, or computer inside their cars.
Current Law Enforcement Trends
The current crimes consists of home invasions, rapes, robberies, murders, in addition to terrorist group, drug smuggling, and gang related crimes. The present trends have across the United States since the 1900s is the new technology that is being used by law enforcement. Once new technology came aboard it changed policing dramatically, law enforcement officers were removed from walking their beats to driving vehicles and given two way radios.
Law enforcement officers are being trained on these newly devices to help solve some of these unsolved crimes. “The technology advancement and crime control related to investigations may not significantly decrease violent crime. Only time will tell if technology advancement are hindering the criminal justice system and the privacy that America so desire now a days (Muraskin & Roberts, 2009).” With new technology in place it has affected the relationship between citizens and law enforcement that was once built in the early years. Police officer is not well trusted by society today, because of technology and unethical police officers.
New information systems have improved the communication capabilities between the police officer and members of the public with better tools for their safety. Example: crime lights- with the arrival of a number of flashlights, each with a different present wavelength designed to defect hair, fibers and body fluids at crime scenes.
Photo enforcement systems- is designed to generate red light violations and or speeding summons and as a result greatly improve safely for the motoring the public. Criminal investigations records system- this system is intended to aid in criminal investigations extract relevant data from disparate records systems with the intent to match to crimes in ways that otherwise would have never been identified. Radios- Communication system are critical equipment in the law enforcement profession. Huge advances in wireless and digital capabilities have made radios more valuable. Today police officers can share criminal records, pictures of suspects, bulletins, fingerprints, blueprints, and surveillance.
Recent and Futures Trends of Law Enforcement
The recent and future trends are more juvenile is being transferred to adult criminal courts. Some of the most treacherous crimes today are being committed by juveniles, such as going on killing sprees, gang banging, trafficking drugs, internet crimes, and home invasions which the entire family is being murder. These kinds of crimes will put great demands on law enforcement institutions and their staff; however with the new technology in place, it can...

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