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Human society is facing a serious crisis in various spheres of life. The most serious aspect of this crisis is its economic structure wherein prevail two different and mutually opposed economic objectives. On the one side, man is facing an acute shortage of material necessities required for his very existence. This paucity of material necessities is badly affecting man's moral and spiritual growth and it further results in tremendous wastage of his time and energy in the pursuit of food and other necessities. If necessities of life are made available to him as a matter of routine, the same energy and time would be utilized for better purposes. On the ...view middle of the document...

As for as the scope and importance of Religion is concerned, it has largely lost its real worth and command among the people due to its attitude of indifference towards human problems-particularly social and economic-and also on account of its undue emphasis on 'form' (outer appearance) rather than on the 'content'; on high-sounding dogmas rather than on the practical utility of ethics for mankind. Moreover, day by day deterioration of moral and ethical values in the practical lives amongst majority of so called representatives of Religion and vanishing of tolerance power and also Religion being used as a tool by the powerful section of society, have shaken common man's faith in the values of Religion.

All these factors have put society in a sad situation, compelling it to find proper and practical solutions. The Capitalistic and Communistic societies wherein material well-being has been regarded as the main object of human life, are now facing a wave of discontentment with regard to their materialistic approach and are in search of 'higher life' based on spiritual and ethical values. Science and technology have, no doubt, provided the greatest comforts to the people, but have not been able to enrich society ethically and morally and to ensure real happiness, in fact, they have degraded mankind and crushed happiness and contentment out of man's life.

The above brief discussion reveals that something has really gone wrong with the society and reforms to the society is the dire need of time if humanity is to be saved from disastrous consequences. Prof. A. Sorokin, while discussing the crises of the present age, predicts the collapse of materialistic society, since it has attached excessive importance to sensual values and has largely neglected the ethical and moral values of human life. Under these compelling circumstances, he emphasises upon the needs for humanity to shift from 'Sensate Culture' to 'Ideational' or 'idealistic Culture'.

Men of intelligence hold the predominance of 'matter' over 'spirit' as the root cause for breeding the elements of selfishness, greed, immorality and other social evils, thus threatening society with ultimate downfall. The panacea for this chronic disease is to transform on ethical and moral guidelines of Religion, otherwise, mankind will be deprived of real happiness forever.

Thus need has arisen for the revival of ethical and moral values in order to lead...

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