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Critical Analysis Of The Arab Spring

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Critical Analysis of the Arab Spring
A Tunisian male named Bouazizi set himself on fire during late 2010 in protest against the poor economic situation in which he was living (CNN, 2011). Shortly, after other Tunisians took the opportunity to resist their government and possible overthrow the leadership of Ben Ali. Citizens felt as if it was their responsibility to fight for the common good. Simple demonstration against the Tunisian government soon went ahead to an extent that Ben Ali had to leave the country. The events that followed the departures of the Tunisian president were the least expected. The revolts in Tunisia spurred citizens of other Arab nations to revolt against their ...view middle of the document...

Their highly deteriorating and irrelevant academics implied that they faced an uphill task getting jobs that pay enough to guarantee good life. Before them was a whole generation of limited opportunities and deprived rights. Their calls for reforms were, however, hampered by the police and security agencies.
Most individuals who were involved in the protests were led by the belief that it was through the protests that they could better their lives. The majority of the Egyptian citizens have felt down, trodden and despised over the recent years by their governments. Most governments were revolts were witnessed had stayed in power for a long period of time. In Egypt, for example, Mubarak had stayed in power for more than 40 years. Removing him from powered through democratic means had borne no fruits since most presidential elections had been marred by instances or rigging and corruption. He had therefore instituted himself as a president for life. One aspect of Mubarak’s governments was that it was dictatorial. Besides, the people surrounding Mubarak were so powerful that talking negatively about the president could easily lead an individual into trouble.

The government of Mubarak initiated several techniques aimed at restoring normalcy and preventing protests. In Cairo, for example, the city remained under several days of curfew. During this time, the regime, aided by the Peninsula Shield Force, carried out brutal crackdown on the protesters. For example, Doctors would be detained for treating injured protesters (). Similarly, lawyers who represented protesters would face the wrath of the regime for siding with the “outlaws.” Most opposition political leaders would be detained and scores of others forced to leave the country. The media was no spared either. Independent newspapers were targeted by the regime and the most newspaper reporters were apprehended and detained. The most notable case was in Bahrain where an opposition figure, Al-Wasat, ended up dying in detention (Khouri, 2011). Given the realization that the protest were initiated by individuals belonging to particular communities within the nations, hundreds of workers from particular community would lose their jobs in the public and private services for having been absent from work during the protests. This was particularly the case in Syria where the Assad government targeted specific communities. Other tactical bullying from the government also included the destruction of shrines belonging to some communities and destruction of settlement areas.
Nonviolent campaigns have been effective in fighting repression and prompting political changes. As Maria and Chenoweth (2012) indicate, nonviolent campaigns are likely to win political legitimacy and attract widespread support, both domestically and internationally. Civil disobedience is activities that contradict the law on grounds of political or moral principles. The main aim of civil disobedience is to shape the perception of the...

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