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Critical Observation Paper

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During this paper, I plan to identify an interesting behavior I frequently observe in my family, particularly dealing with my son. I will describe my observation and the frequency of the behavior observed. Furthermore, I will describe the consequences or what happens afterward, and how the studies of social psychology can help me understand why it is happening.Observation and Person InvolvedHave you ever noticed an interesting behavior from one of your friends or family? Here is something I frequently observe from my darling five year old son named Robert. Sometimes he acts like he is completely deaf and hard of hearing. This can be very frustrating and nerve-racking at times because my ...view middle of the document...

Needless to say my husband and I were ecstatic because our son wasn't really deaf or hard of hearing. The doctor further stated that we had the option to schedule an appointment with the local ears, eyes, nose, and throat specialist if we felt Robert needed a more in-depth examination.We decided not to see the specialist after all. We looked at his response of saying "What" of being more behavioral than a disabling physical condition. But the lingering question in our mind was how did Robert develop this type of behavior? Our intent was to figure out why he developed the habit of saying "What" and what we could do to prevent or eliminate the annoying response.ConsequencesThere are consequences which occur when Robert doesn't hear what is said to him the first time. It creates fear about this physical well being and causes my husband and I to question what could be wrong with him. Along with the fear comes the frustration of having to repeat the same thing over and over again before he actually acknowledges with a response other than "What".PsychologyI have been training dogs for the past ten years. All of the training that I conduct is based on an experiment first carried out in the early 1900s by Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov called the Principals of Conditioning (POC) (Fredholm, L., 2001) During POC a dog responds to its environment in order to satisfy physical and social needs. For a dog to learn or perform a task, it is necessary to meet these needs. As a trainer, I must ensure all the dog's basic needs are met before expecting to gain the dog's full attention and cooperation.For example, in the morning when I get my dog out of her kennel to go on patrol it is totally hectic with other dogs barking and other handlers getting their dogs. So it's vitally important to have complete control over my dog to avoid a dog...

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