Critical Reading Reflection On The Alchemist

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The Alchemist is a story about a shepherd from Spain named Santiago whose parents have him attending a seminary to become priest and while he was there was taught to read. Santiago could be considered an educated person and achieve a much higher status than Shepard. Instead, he chose to become a Shepard since they travelled around the country side while grazing their flocks of sheep. Santiago’s father did not object to the traveling sheep herder idea and gave him his blessing and inheritance early so he can buy sheep. During Santiago’s journey, he gets a crash course and learns valuable life lessons through the experiences and what he perceived as obstacles that he encounters. I will ...view middle of the document...

My father worked hard all his life in the fields of agriculture in the United States. Just like Santiago’s father sent him to Seminary to become a priest, my father brought us to the U.S. for a better opportunity. Another similarity to Santiago’s life, his father like mine, gave him all he had to help him achieve his goals. I can’t say that I, or the rest of my brothers, followed his advice to the letter and certainly not immediately. I did however have the family he expected of me, although that was the one of the reasons for my delaying college.
After high school I went through a period resembling the “principle of favorability” or “beginners luck” (Coelho) like the king of Salem told Santiago. Everything and anything I did seemed to pay off for me. For example, on my first job I advanced very quickly because I worked for people who were willing to teach and mentor me. Just like when the King of Salem said to Santiago, “When you really want something, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it” (Coelho). I worked for this company for five years and was approached by my ex-general manager who was working for another company in n Simi Valley, California. He offered me a contracted position with more pay, better benefits, the opportunity for advancement and travel. I readily accepted the job.
I got to Simi Valley with my family that consisted of my wife and three of my children. My daughter Sabrina who was the oldest at five, my son was three, and my youngest daughter was one year old at that time. I would not have brought them without having a home to live in, but since I had no time to look at potential rentals, I thought my wife could help with the house hunting. This did not turn out the way I thought it would. Since she did not know the area, I had to go with her anyway. The real estate agent showed us the only rental property available in Simi Valley and it looked like what I imagined the old abandoned church Santiago slept in must have looked like. My wife and I were both disappointed and decided to give the search a rest and I took them back to the hotel. We did this for a month, but I was lucky that the company was paying for the hotel while I found a rental. During this time my wife became discouraged and wanted to return to San Jose which increased my concern for my family and added to my stress.
Once my contract was fulfilled, I thought of home and returned to San Jose. Just like Santiago, my next move was based on my memory of home. The difference being that memory brought me home and Santiago’s kept him away. When I did get back to San Jose, I decided to change my line of work and got into a training school in Fremont, California called Sequoia. At Sequoia, I learned about automotive repair and successfully graduated. I earned my light, brake, and smog state licenses and got my first job at a Shell service station in San Jose as the manager and Automotive Technician. I learned the trade very...

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