Critical Thinking Chapter 4 Essay

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Chapter 4 – Critical Thinking Activity

How Long Will You Live?

Purpose: To analyze the combined effects of genetic history, personal health habits, socioeconomic status and social and personality characteristics as influences on health and life expectancy.

Audience: Explain to a person who has not been studying influences on human development, what you learned by completing this assessment and how you can use information from the class to understand biological and life style choices on life expectancy.

Format: Write a short paper 1-2 pages responding to the prompt below. Cite information from your text or another credible source to support the ...view middle of the document...

| | | | |
| | | | | |
|All questions answered | | | | |
| |Does not identify or is |Identifies the basic issue in general|Identifies the basics of the issue, | |
| |confused by the issue, or |terms. Explores the issue in general|and presents the issue with a clear | |
| |represents issue |terms but without substantial and/or |sense of scope and context. | |
| |inaccurately. |specific references to how and why | | |
| | |contextual |All questions are answered thoroughly | |
| |Questions are not answered, |(individual/family/community) |and accurately, indicating clear | |
| |or responses do not reflect |influences shape the issue. |understanding of the issues presented.| |
| |the basis of the questions. | | | |
| | |All questions are answered; responses| | |
| | |identify general issues and do not | | |
| | |identify how the issues fit into a | | |
| | |larger context. | | |
|Application of Course |0-1 |2 |3 |3 |
|Concepts/Theories: Effectively | | | | |
|uses theories and course | | | | |
|concepts to explain and develop| | | | |
|understanding of the...

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