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Critical Thinking Final Essay

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Appendix E

Critical Analysis Forms

Fill out one form for each source

Source 1 Title and Citation: The Roe v. Wade Decision Should Be Reconsidered

1 Identify the principal issue presented by the source. The principal issue being presented is should the Roe Vs. Wade decision be repealed and reconsidered and that individual states be given the right to decide if abortion was legal in their respective States.

Identify any examples of bias presented by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. There is no author to single out. This was a presidential debate that ran on CBS in October of 2008. Each of the political candidates ...view middle of the document...

Again this was a bit of a challenge to identify exactly which rhetorical devices were at play in this …. Claim!
There is innuendo, arguments from rage, there is guilt tripping. There are many dysphemism’s I conclude this because all the negativity on roe vs wade and abortion

Identify and name any fallacies used by the author. If none exist, explain how you determined this. One that jumps out at me I think is Mr. Whelan yet again in that third paragraph of his testimony everything he is stating is based on the group think fallacy he assumes Americans as a whole agree with his statements. On another note I think a lot of the material presented in this case most definitely is begging the question. they expect the audience to accept premises that are as controversial as the conclusion being argued for
and are controversial on the same ground

State one argument made by the author. It was very hard to single out one argument there were so many choices. In the statement of Senator John East he argues that the 14th amendment clearly intended it provisions to protect all human beings. Since unborn children are humans the 14th amendment should protect their life. He states this as a reason to overrule roe vs wade.

Identify the premises and conclusion of the argument. Roe determined that the unborn child is not a "person" under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees a right to life. premise
framers of the Fourteenth Amendment clearly intended for its provisions to protect all human beings. Since unborn children are human beings, I believe that the Fourteenth Amendment protects their right to live. conclusion

Is the author’s argument valid or invalid, sound or unsound, strong or weak? Explain how you determined this. The particular argument that I just typed about is a strong argument in the aspect that Roe did put a timeframe on when a fetus becomes viable and that is between 24 and 28 weeks in the gestation period so without clearly stating the exact words in essence a fetus isn’t considered a person or human till that point in the pregnancy.

Does the author use moral reasoning? If not, explain how you determined this. Again in the particular argument I chose to write about the author is using their own moral judgment and reasoning and also on fact, as I said Roe did place the viability stage at 24 – 28 weeks.
All of the material presented is based on moral reasoning and what the particular individuals believe in and stand for.

^As I finished typing everything for the 1st source I realized there is not a specific source citation available. Ill do my best to manually type the citation and it should be okay.

Source 2 Title and Citation: The Roe vs Wade Decision Should Not Be Reconsidered

Identify the principal issue presented by the source. The issues presented here is that the Supreme Court ruling on Roe VS Wade should remain unchanged because abortion is...

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