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Chose one of the following scenarios:

• You are a member of a group working on a class project. The group members are enthusiastic about the project and arrange a meeting time to begin planning. You forget to mark your calendar and miss the meeting. The group posts a summary of the meeting with assignments and deadlines for the project. You apologize to the group and agree to complete the topic research for the project. You realize you have a paper due in another course on the same day that your research is due, and you concentrate most of your time on your individual assignment. The paper takes longer than you thought, and you are unable to conduct research for the group project by the deadline. You feel bad about this and do not ...view middle of the document...

In fact, you became friends through these work contacts. Your friend appreciates your recommendation and arranges a meeting to ask you more details about the work done by your department. The meeting is productive, and your friend takes notes to help with the application process. Your friend stops by your desk a few days later to thank you for your help, because the application was long and detailed. She confides that some of the information she included on the application is not entirely accurate. Some of her work experience did not match the job requirements and needed to be reworded for a better fit. Your friend thanks you again and says, “I hope we’ll be working together soon!”

Part A: Write five questions you need to ask yourself to help you think through the situation and determine a course of action.

1. If she lied to me about her application, then has she lied to me in the past?

2. Does she have no self-respect for herself, which would make her lie on this application?

3. Does she have no loyalty to the company?

4. What would happen to her if she lost her job?

5. What would happen if they knew she lied on the application, and I knew and summited it anyway?

Part B: Questioning yourself, as you did in the exercise above, is a form of critical thinking. This can, in turn, help you understand more about how you work. Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions:

• What were your aptitude results?

• Describe your capacity to resolve complex situations and solve problems based on your results.

• What are you strengths and weaknesses in the area of reasoning and critical thinking?

• How will understanding this help you in both your academic life and workplace?

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