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Critically Assess The Current Practice And Status Of Hrm

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Critically assess the current practice and status of HRM.

Nowadays an important factor, which determines the company's successful co-existence and survival in a competitive market environment, is their employees. A strong, cohesive and qualified team, which can respond fast to the change in the external environment and is able to carry out the goal of a business manager – to survive in a competitive environment, to promote business development and prosperity, to build its image and gain the greatest possible profit.
Competence and creativity of the workforce is the most important factor in the development of new technologies. An employee's ability to generate new ideas or products, ...view middle of the document...

Today economic doctrine has so far focused on a businessman who is interested only in making the largest profit. But a real businessman with a motivation to make profit still has the desire to preserve, strengthen, and expand his authority between people. Entrepreneurs see obtaining a higher income as one direction, among others, which together aim for full function and development of the environment.
The company's strategic goals are assigned to personnel to accomplish. Therefore, human resources management is a key strategic element of the management. The human potential is one of the most important internal resources and one of the key positions in the company's expense. Business development and the development of strategic management elements result in an increase of expenditure, but not always in fulfillment of the business owner’s expectations and the return of invested capital (Mabey 1998).
One of the most important causes of such discrepancies is that the necessary human resources management "tools" are being used wrongly or are not being used at all. When spending money and not receiving the desired effect, the owner returns to the so-called intuitive, improvised methods e.g. solving the problems, when they have already appeared, by using his common sense.
A manager not only manages the company but also the people who are generating individual goals and goals for the company; they are the main driving force behind the company.
Human Resource Management includes HR policy development and implementation.
This system has many sides and includes a number of subsystems; some of the most significant of these are: the company’s personal records - this includes the recruitment, registration, transfer and dismissal; the company's organizational structure - research, the connection between the employees and departments of the organization; social infrastructure, which includes employees' physiological needs; the company’s legal aspects – the development of business laws and regulations, legal education, etc.; relationships at workplace - work culture, safety and protection at work, employee relations analysis; motivation - wage and material stimulation, career opportunities and training, employee’s participation in the management of the company; personnel planning - strategic analysis, planning, issues of labour market research and education of employees (Beardwell 2001).
The last two - the motivation and personnel planning are considered to be particularly relevant. In addition there are several other subsystems, and each one of them is up to date and in use. The personnel management policy within the company, for the manager, means self-realization and the ability to accept others just as they are, to build a common understanding and constructive cooperation. To achieve such objectives a whole theoretical concept is developed that can be categorized as a "human resource policy." The Human Resources Policy Concept is a key component...

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