Critically Discuss The Practice And Theory Of Strategy Development Processes In Your Chosen Organisation

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Task: Critically discuss the practice and theory of strategy development processes in your chosen organisation. In your discussion, include some implications for the "learning organisation" concept in relation to strategy development in your chosen organisation.This sub-task of the essay will address how strategy development processes and implications for the "learning organisation" concept in relation to strategy development are applied in China-based Haier Group (HG) (See the background information on HG in Appendix A). Strategy development processes reflect the ways in which strategy is either formally and consciously developed or emerges as part of a pattern of critical decisions over ...view middle of the document...

According to the prescriptive strategic process model that include the four broad areas set out by Lynch (2003, p. 53), HG's way is consistent with the resource-based theories (See Figure 1) which focus on the internal aspects of the organization as the starting point of strategy development and emphasizes on the strengths of the organization because they are fundamental to any long-term success. Hamel & Prahalad (1998) argued that resources were far more important in delivering competitive advantage, suggesting that the traditional competitive strategy model devised by Porter (1985) with the focus on the product-market positioning underestimates the importance of capability building in the strategy development process. However, difficulties related with resource-based view can arise from the never-ending capacity to absorb more information, knowledge, capabilities and other resources, but the window of opportunity may close before knowledge and capabilities are built up, and therefore there is a need to balance the conflicting demands of exploration for more knowledge and capabilities and the exploitation of existing knowledge and capabilities (Penrose 1995). Another potential problem is that its devotees emphasize too much on internal learning issues, and therefore neglect changing customer needs externally (Levinthal & March 1993).Figure 1- The prescriptive strategic processDue to the problems of just focusing on resource-based view, following internal environment scanning, HG usually scans the external environment, too. External environment scanning in HG focuses on external micro-environment of the entire industry (i.e. suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, competitors and publics) and external macro-environment (i.e. demographic, economic, natural, technological, political and cultural factors) (Porter, 1985). This means although HG emphasizes primarily on the importance of internal resource strengths as the basis of developing strategy, external environment is also examined in order to compete against competitors more effectively by identifying opportunities and threats. But it cannot be said that HG's way is using profit-maximization/competition-based theories because external environment is still not the first focus (Lynch 2003). The internal aspects of the organisation are the first focus in HG. Or it can be said that HG's way is based on the games-based theories since both analysis of resources and analysis of the external environment are considered as the starting point of strategy development (See Figure 1).After completing the SWOT analysis by scanning internal and external environment, top management of HG then develops strategic issues and future challenges. During this stage, HG also verifies and develops their strategic vision and mission statement and objectives. This is consistent with the second step of the perspective strategic process (See Figure 1). Mission defines what business the company is in, and...

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