Critically Examine Sources And Implications Of The Quality Management Issues Facing Toyota In The Usa And Europe 2009 2010

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1. Introduction

2. Main characteristics of Lean Production Management System

3. The role of quality management in the development of the Toyota Production Management System and kaizen continuous improvement

4. Toyota and suppliers

5. Toyota’s quality problems

6. Future options

7. Conclusions

1 Introduction

Toyota Motor Corporation is the multinational corporation based in Japan by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937. Nowadays, Toyota has become one of the largest companies in the world, which has one of the best production systems and production philosophy. The main purpose of the company is to reduce costs and improve the productivity of ...view middle of the document...

In order for the whole TPMS to be successful all these concepts should work interdependently.

Quantity control

Is the concept which helps system to accommodate to the different levels of demand each month or day. In order to achieve continuous-flow of production, one of the main characteristics of TPMS which is Just-in-time (JIT hereafter) technique should take place. The basic idea of JIT production is to produce certain type of units at the certain time and in the certain quantities. Therefore, eliminating unneeded inventories and as consequence inventory costs (Kaounides, 1995, chapter 3).

In order for JIT work properly Kanban approach is implemented. Workforce of one process supply units from previous process in certain quantities at certain time, in turn previous process should than produce that quantity of units which was withdrawn. This process occurs with the help of card called Kanban (Sugimori, Y. et al, 1977). There are two types of Kanban card: withdrawal and production-ordering. Withdrawal shows the information about quantity which should be withdrawn by the next process, whereas production-ordering Kanban deals with information about the quantity which has to be produced by foregoing process (ibid).

However, not only Kanban supports the achievement of JIT production, but also such vital elements as smoothing of production, decrease of set-up time and multi-skilled workforce. According to Sugimori et al (1977), production smoothing tries to minimise the variations of quantity withdrawn by each process, therefore make possible for each process to produce at a fixed rate per hour. In turn it will be impossible to reach smooth production without reducing set up time and introduction of multi-skilled workers (ibid). The shorter the set up time, the lower the setup costs and better the production smoothing. As Monden (1983) states set up time in the pressing department has decreased dramatically from 3 hours in 1945 to 3 minutes in 1970. One of the most weighted characteristics which differs Japanese production system from American or European is multi-process holding system. In this process each worker becomes multi-skilled as he/she is assigned to several machines of different processes this lead to one-piece production and decrease of unnecessary inventories between the processes (ibid). Thus, all these integrated elements lead to the connection, stability and better quantity control between all processes.

Quality control

The main idea which lies in this concept is quality assurance during the production process. Namely, each production process passes only non-defective units to the following process. This quality control process in Japanese system is known as autonomation which is another main characteristic peculiar only to TPMS. Autonomation helps to define defective units and stop them from being passed to subsequent process (Kaounides, 1995, chapter 3). Automatic stopping device is attached to each machine in...

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