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Critique Of The Nine Essay

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Sloan A.
November 29, 2012
3rd Period
Critique of The Nine- Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court

Jeffrey Toobin is the author of the book The Nine- Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court. Toobin was born in New York City to Marlene Sanders and Jerome Toobin. Both of his parents had careers with major networks, CBS and ABC News (Jeffrey Toobin). Jeffrey Toobin attended Harvard College, and while he was a student he wrote for The Harvard Crimson (Jeffrey Toobin). Then, in 1982 he attended Harvard Law School, and he was the editor for the Harvard Law Review (Jeffrey Toobin). Also, during his student years at Harvard Law School, Toobin freelanced for The New Republic ...view middle of the document...

This book was fascinating, and the readers receive much knowledge about the Supreme Court. One of the most interesting parts of this book was the ability to look in and understand how the justices were feeling about certain cases along with why they voted the way they did. One of the main issues that was expressed at the beginning of the book was the controversial issue of abortion and the Roe v. Wade court case. Toobin captures how important and common abortion court cases where by stating “There were two kinds of cases before the Supreme Court. There were abortion cases- and there were all the others (Toobin 36).” This quote helps demonstrate that abortion case appeared up constantly throughout history. Furthermore, some readers found how the justices reacted to these cases more interesting. For example, in chapter four the Supreme Court justices were examining the Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Gov. Robert P. Casey court case (Toobin 50); this case dealt with the issue of Roe v. Wade court case along with the restriction in Pennsylvania. Many were stating that the Pennsylvania abortion law violated the Due Process Clause. One of the justice,O’Connor, “proposed a new legal framework to replace Roe (Toobin 50).” Under this new framework the court would adopt a phrase that the abortion regulations should be upheld unless they created an “undue burden” on a women seeking to have the procedures. Several readers found this information to be particularly interesting because it not only change the view of many, but also change the Roe v. Wade court case. Certainly, all of the justices play a major influence in the court cases brought into the Supreme Court, and throughout the book Toobin captures the influences that the justices play. These well written events allow the reader to feel for the justices, along with allow the readers to understand the reasoning behind each case.
A second quality the readers enjoyed about this book would be Toobin detailing the history of the court. From the start of the book, Toobin gives detail on to why the court was design the way it stands today. Some readers found this information to be very intriguing mainly because they enjoy history, but also they were excited to learn this history because it allows the readers to understand all of the hard work that went into the building. Furthermore, this hard work and labor would signify a creation of a building with much influence which the Supreme Court has today. In addition, Several readers were fond of was learning about how certain justices became a Supreme Court justice. One of the most interesting appointment situations was when Bill Clinton was trying to find a justice to replace Byron White in 1993. Some readers found this story to be quite entertaining because it just proves that not all people want to please the President. Also, this event proved some of the hardships and difficult moments that Clinton had to face during his...

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