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Critique On Open City Essay

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Open City by Roberto Rossellini

“Open City” is a neo-realist film that followed the movement in Italy during World War 2. The film is neo-realistic because it has that ‘reality’ like feeling to it by following specific characters through their daily stressful lives that are screwed up from poverty and war. It has many qualities that make it in some ways ‘closer’ to the characters. While watching, the viewer is sucked into the story and immediately feeling emotional with the families and the other various characters in the film. The main reason is Rossellinis choosing dramatic music and kids with big eyes.

This film is divided into two separate parts. First off is a story that shows a ...view middle of the document...

Some more devastation is the mistreatment of women by Nazi soldiers when families are evacuated from their houses. The soldier still tried to molest the women despite her vulgar responses to his gripping. The following scene when the revolutionist was caught and taken by authorities had a very good build up to it. Rossolini showed us all the trouble in a matter of minutes and to add to it, the running of the woman towards the car her to-be-husband was arrested in. Yet, she got shot showing even further the aggression of the Nazi army.

As mentioned, the young kids are the hope and the only time the to be husband was saved was by the young boy distracting him. Russolini shows more of the kids being the saviors. At the very end shows hope as the kids walk towards the city. Basically ‘lifting the mood’ of the ending by showing the boys their future world will be brighter than the one into which they were born into.

The main problem with the copy we watched is the translations—they were incomplete. It maybe is nothing relevant to the film as a whole, but it drives curiosity to know just what those extra words were. This somehow accumulates throughout the movie making it a bit frustrating.

The movie is good by making things unbearable for the many characters. It really showed us how evil the Nazi occupation was like as in good people getting caught in betrayal, hunger, and the force of sadness and death. There is even a part where the Nazi-ism felt like it had a bit of lesbianism. Not that there is anything wrong with homosexuality, but the part when the sister was seduced by the same chick that was like an insider on the whereabouts of the ‘revolutionist’ men in the film.

There is some emphasis on religion. This is expected, because after-all it was shot and directed by people from Italy! This religion aspect is shown through a priest character that is forced to face the possibility that the Nazis simply are evil. The priest realizes that he can’t fight these Nazi-guys using traditional prayer methods. Even earlier he tells the revolutionist that perhaps the occupation is a random...

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